________ S__________ E__________________D




E A S_________________________B















untitled Fuse_Izzy_1

16 oz I don't want to do your dirty work

oz 16 I don’t want to do your dirty work

16 oz I don't want to do your dirty work...12.88 inches pls stand there in your brown shoes working nine to five

12.88 inches pls
I seen the way you led the charge and saved the day
stand there in your brown shoes working nine to five

Land-Surveyor-Tools2-I am a gentleman loser where somewhere the same

Land-Surveyor-Tools2-I am a gentleman loser where somewhere the same

skanska3 They say it don't turn no more

skanska3 They say it don’t turn no more. Vile stanchion.

My life is left boiling over. It happens once before in “Kid Charlemagne”, but on the sea side, sea of joy… where you drivin’
(that spike in your head (fading black))
midnight cruiser?
Only a fool could say that.
Back in Vegas
a tower room and eating rock
Brooklyn mows the ton up
of the weak.
with a handle in your hand
**************Box it********
***REVENGA**************_**________ And A_____________ __


That feels great on my lips

sucker there
with a metal vibe
It’s a fish
with a vision to the past world
when rays of after
…then the candles
with the handles
and you’ll save on headlines
both pajamas and nightcaps in August on my

woah time limit
recuperative moment
since I twisted
my spleen and

I’m gonna let go____________________________  pro-biotic

_to be all beyond______________________________ 98?__98
beyond the knee pad I’d lost___________________ 93 degrees
a hit for my brothersexistence e_____back________clawed

Did I leave my way

to make a poor boy too?

____ Does this even have to?  I need an {A to Z} pronoun to _______make/avert a few points.  My wife, “No”, is her chocolate.
With this heat to the brain peyote owed boulders

on a pwah bah from a comic clan
I knew I’d be 100% three-quarters “it.”______ soul
***___________________________________________ side
With a summery drink____________________________ stale

And a hello there to saucy Marie;______________________ still

and foes!
to Sharon #1 on The View!
Oh that’s porridge.______________________ bebearlike
And Torrey Pines Bank.
Get it out of the wallet__________ G_______ idiot
Embray._______________________ R_
***__________________________ E_______p We’re back!__

MMy love     __________________  E_________ urban

_____ Is lying there.  ________________________ pockets

Get down there and help him out._____________ le terror role



I need a dirty crowd______________D
You came in._______________________________________ nigger
I’m sorried.__________________________ comets___________
Robotic total stations- i -nce GPS____Wedding
cause you to say
the gun is looking for us soon
it turns out the camera can see
how fabulous you are
and I very server at a restaurant farm
welcome to a filamentous function
be good for us sectionally.

you are giving me all the leftovers from the other deal oh so ALLEGRO my life is before I take ALEGRA

you are Ne — GIVING ME — Na all the leftovers from the other deal oh so ALLEGRO my life is before I take ALLEGRA

Sure, this could be a zonk.  Well, good.  Make it all: dead batteries are the other way to be whooped and you don't even have to swish it when you walk.

Sure, this could be a zonk. Well, good u im mim mui mkit’ll microphone all:
dead batteries are the other way to be whipped and you don’t even have to swish it when you walk.

TDSRANGERWEB_lgy Adele B. Onabotulinum Toklas

B. Onabotulinum Toklas


Hold on there Mustard I went on the supposition that it was clean

Hold on there Mustard
I went on the supposition that it was clean.
Y One’s hair breaks.



Mellowing, chilling, crashing


could it relay metal crazing

to plumes?

“mother do you think they’ll

drop the bomb”_______________________________________ __________entering_a_room.

I think like Russian Putin thinks

on a transfer.  Transferring putin bricks of heroin

as I don for President________ K _____________________________________Let_me_know 

in the government submarine?__________ when_you_are______________ lineprints

Ordering post________________________________________________________ finer

462_________________________________________________________________  shove us

We have offers._____________________________________________________  regal


I have a bag



post # 969

5030_____________________D___________________I said verk.__ hit alone___Van Morrison worked BROWN shitty and he worked the avenue in the part K above.



Similar myth.

4 Responses to “A3”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    Have I got a little story for you
    Defined by leaving that ellipsis names not:
    In complex analysis, an elliptic function is a meromorphic function that is periodic in two directions. Just as a periodic function of a real variable is defined by its …
    The foregoing is broken further, leave a tt
    The metallic hue of not but one nigger sleeps nigger
    sleeps nigger leaps fences other
    wise keep nigger down and wakened.
    To false pots!

    of the foregoing beg. Ordinary when. Here in America? bowling pin pals

    Special functions are particular mathematical functions which have more or less established names and notations due to their importance in mathematical …

    Publications by Stephen Wolfram Some Writings and Speeches

    The History and Future of Special Functions
    (Given at the Wolfram Technology Conference 2005 in Champaign, IL as part of the Festschrift for Oleg Marichev, in honor of his 60th birthday.)
    OK, well now I want to turn to my main talk for this morning. I’m going to talk about the history and future of special functions. I’ve actually been a special-functions enthusiast for more than 30 years. And I think I’ve probably been indirectly responsible for promoting more special-functionism in the world than pretty much anyone else. But I realize that I’ve actually never given any kind of talk about special functions before. So here goes.

    Well, like so many things in mathematics, one can trace the story back to ancient Babylon. Where already four thousand years ago there was all sorts of elaborate base-60 arithmetic being done.

    [One space to keep you, “in the man”. “Man”, could do base-sixty without the use of tables (of tables). He could think about the mere music in his walk. He would say to low-ray sight… future prophecy. There will be equal … play. There will be no sight of him]

    In those days addition and subtraction seem to have been considered quite straightforward. But multiplication and division weren’t. And what got invented to do them was in essence a version of special functions.
    to do them for us
    begging for it

    What happened was that division got reduced to adding and subtracting reciprocals. And multiplication–rather ingeniously–got reduced to adding and subtracting squares.

    So in effect all sorts of different computations were organized so that the core of them was just table lookup. And sure enough we find Babylonian clay tablets with tables of reciprocals and squares.

    So in effect the Babylonians already had the key idea that there exist fairly small nuggets of mathematical or computational work that one can use over and over again to build up lots of useful things.

    And in a sense the history of special functions is a history of the discovery of a sequence of useful such “nuggets.”

    Well, the next nuggets were

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    What could be made out of a bowl of neutrons
    touching or squeezing
    one one-thousandth
    of a cubic meter
    1L beak
    ____________8 x 10 (exp) 14 kilograms
    8 0000000000000 -(14th’s)- 0
    8 000 000 000 000 00
    000 000 000 000 008
    800,000,000,000,000 kg.

  3. sbillinghurst Says:

    u hav2 fuckwit reachy

  4. sbillinghurst Says:


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