It’s Easy Taking It Day By Day

I know the reason you're here today.  I got the news, bad news.

I know the reason you’re here today. I got the news, bad news.

I don’t know any more people who have beaten (it is an achievement) –THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

It’s a loser


a) It met Steve Billinghurst.

It has called me a worrisome name (PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA)

But it has had PAID TORTURERS

And, I am the fifty-years witness

I’d say “expect us”, since if I say

what’s on my mind


So easy just to say

Everything is just the way it seems.

No let-ups can happen.  It is a supposition of one’s MIND

You throwbacks

I respect a chimpanzee’s pull strength

I can’t get any stronger

And I can’t climb any higher.


You look up at me

I throw sand in your eyes

I flip your hair over your eyes and shoot the single-leg


white trash

fucks with its sound

I think you believe I am

One direction or the other

But you have been lifted

No matter where

you are heading down at body-exploding speed

–The Tellolist  (TERRORIST, stupid)


God, somewhere in your mind you still see

21 months for me

whilst we do dis?

One Response to “It’s Easy Taking It Day By Day”

  1. Cyanidation (Italics) Intermorphication Says:

    it was just a tag on my home.
    Now I stain on two feet.

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