Explorer Program/ Princeton University

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A short black dress.  Yes, thinkin’,”Wake up to a motorboat.”

What about nothing?

The Explorer program is a United States space exploration program that provides flight opportunities for physics, geophysics, heliophysics, and astrophysics investigations from space.   Over 90 space missions have been launched since 1958, and it is still active. Starting with Explorer 6, it has been a NASA program, and they have worked with a variety of other institutions and business, including many international partners.

My fuckin’ Presbyterianism closeted my gayness.  I learned to speak.

Princeton University is a private Ivy League research university located in Princeton, New Jersey, United States.

Princeton has a long history. Founded in 1746 in Elizabeth as the College of New Jersey, it is one of the nine Colonial Colleges established before the American Revolution as well as the fourth chartered institution of higher education in the American colonies.    The university moved to Newark in 1747, then to Princeton in 1756 and was renamed Princeton University in 1896,  The present-day College of New Jersey in nearby Ewing Township, New Jersey, is an unrelated institution. Princeton had close ties to the Presbyterian Church, but has never been affiliated with any denomination  and today imposes no religious requirements on its students.

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Into whores, rubber!

Into whores, rubber!

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5 Responses to “Explorer Program/ Princeton University”

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  2. Claude model Says:

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  3. Cylinders Says:

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  4. Colans Says:

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