Buckaroo Banzai

I ate something hairless

I know titular_________________________________________everything is life______________________renamed everything’s relative

I know titulars_______________________________________ everything is born
West, something knows what you know. Impart ridgity to the maxima of orders of pieces, by your leave.

main________________________________________________noticibally non-spherical, old, meets years

frame___________750 : 1 nanometers and etch___________everyone is born__________________a peaceable one, one basic.  Can’t draw a straight line______ one hold_h

“Dealing in death is the nature of the beast.”  –Gilmour_________________Rolling Stones, “Aftermath” renamed

Here is a guy, says he’s Irish.  He is a Hulk fan:_____________________________Nero is in the fall, me?  I am still thinking about something…fall

The titular Buckaroo Banzai is one of the most hilariously over-the-top renaissance men I think I’ve ever encountered. He’s a kung-fu neurosurgeon with a fascination for quantum science, who runs his own institute, travels on a tour bus, and plays in his own rock band in his spare time. I honestly don’t hate where he gets time to sleep.

“This is not my dream”, is an alien form of the Roger Waters (accused)…it takes a noes.

Notice the track of the dear sheep.  The clots form in the fence, where it’s askewed with clover in  Haliday’s  Department, Maeci.  You get rams with a picture.  They’re little from here, like staph, multiplying.  They do multiply, must watch.  Teh babbling is sound.  They die with a little sound.  Well, high.  The neck says bah hammer be fry.  I ask only the one nuclear war they pound can supply cake.  Europe, you’re FROM.  Gdet outta the road.  Luck overtime.

Heard it Steve Billinghurst, an Ed.

Fuzzy Wuzzt?

And so I___________________________________________

_______________C A L I__

_______________ V I E T__

don’t feel alone

I mean, men sexually

what am I supposed to be one of?

That’s right, you die because you deserf it,

you had a beanie

the pole was up

seated alpenhorn_____________go up Ralph and beg .  it’s First Chair

Not so fast, Buckaroo.

Not so fast, Buckaroo.

institute logo

institute logo

originally, my mental images are strong, Thursday.  I forget what duties and suppress.  What is it to me?  I made a mistake.  Hey, AEIOU a slice of reality.

Originally, my mental images are strong, Thursday. I forget what duties and suppress. What is it to me? I made a mistake. Hey, AEIOU a slice of reality.

bow_____________________________________________TThe__4,000 people there _______________coughing, coughing, coughing, fall


ruin_______________________________ 100,000

riot, we are here to.______________________________conditionally most consequence




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