I Met You, Reg. I Met You Redsily Where?

If I have to reboot my computer, I

want to browse as a new entity._______________________________  out of this place

Bring out at the moment how websites recognize you and destroy that.______________oh boy we’re going to get ’em, oh boy

How that all manages to play seven seconds of your favorite songs.____________________________________one thousand folds

Hey, when you are a stinking fed, I wonder if you refer to your transform into sweet shit.________shoe polish excite you, son?


I am, and amphetamine will always be that fed._________________  put me through this___________________________preferred

No counting condition may displace July.  Sit and fedditate.




I______________________________________________________________me, the one who is desperate to path white






4 Responses to “I Met You, Reg. I Met You Redsily Where?”

  1. Oliveborn The Nautical Says:

    I can’t. Frozen fives, I
    Higgs’ boson, oh
    Nothing. No fives.
    Unilever into the crap shoot.
    once multiplicative
    next up on the agenda
    I touched a previous touchdawn.
    errors and chaos
    Five hundred dollars worth of rock
    Tim Bala copper sulfate estuary infusions, San Diego (Elijo’s)
    ELF at the call.

  2. Semi on a four kold (lose turns three) Says:

    I don’t do power cords for everybody.
    I print out a three
    I don’t jack for a one hundred
    and then cut it
    kind of disloya
    La Jolla
    is a cesspool.

  3. Semi on a four kold (lose turns three) Says:

    Treacle, yeah?
    I am a Chinese baby sister pair.
    Photograph shampoos.
    Wee cute ones are a market
    And the government
    meant full
    Going to gerrymander its own perverts.

  4. Semi on a four kold (lose turns three) Says:

    Is my time line all I’d need to show me and the times?
    Banking them off of the Northeast winds
    Saillin’ on summer breeze
    …is breezez a sheep-like
    plural, homes?

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