Strings Follow Men At Work

Don’t scare a minute.

I’m in my experiment.  They are up scraps of theory, just as though.

In the first-order audiences, we ask the amphitheater not to show the gun.


Drug trafficking[edit]

Clandestine chemistry[edit]

Criminal organisations may generate significant income through the manufacture and trafficking of illicit drugs and their precursor chemicals. Increased involvement has resulted in larger and more sophisticated clandestine laboratories being detected in Australia. In 2008–09, a record 449 clandestine laboratories were detected in Australia (a 26 per cent increase from 2007–08). 67.7 per cent of clandestine laboratories continue to be detected in residential locations. Over two tonnes of precursor chemicals for the production of meth/amphetamines were detected at the Australian border in 2008–09, nearly double the weight detected in 2007–08. In 2008–09, clandestine laboratory detections increased across most jurisdictions, the largest occurring in Western Australia, which increased from 30 laboratories in 2007–08 to 78 in 2008–09, an increase of 160 per cent.[72][73] In the context of the Australian Illicit Drug Report, a clandestine laboratory is any concealed place where chemicals are used to produce illicit drugs.[74] Such laboratories range from crude, makeshift operations using simple processes to highly sophisticated operations using technically advanced facilities. They can be located virtually anywhere—in private residences, motel and hotel rooms, apartments, horse trailers, houseboats, boats, vehicles, buses, trucks, campgrounds and commercial establishments—and are usually very portable. Some clandestine laboratories use very simple processes such as extracting cannabis oil from plants using solvents; others use complex processes involving a number of chemicals and a range of equipment to manufacture drugs such as methylamphetamine and ecstasy. Clan labs are usually discovered after they have exploded.

Mainly clan labs manufacture methylamphetamine but other drugs produced in Australia and reported on in connection with clandestine laboratories are ecstasy, methcathinone, cannabis oil, ‘crack’ cocaine, pethidine and gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB, or fantasy). Because of the increase in the number of clandestine laboratories detected in Australia, it was determined that there was a need for better exchange of information between the various jurisdictions. As a result, in August 1997 the first Chemical Diversion Conference was held at the Australian Bureau of Criminal Intelligence; among other things, a categorisation of the various types of clandestine laboratories was developed. Initially there were three categories but a fourth has since been added. The categories are as follows:

  • Category A—active (chemicals and equipment in use);
  • Category B—stored/used (equipment or chemicals);
  • Category C—stored/unused (equipment or chemicals);
  • Category D—used site/evidence or admissions of a prior laboratory (ABCI 1998).

Clan lab activity may include but are not limited to strong unusual odours, traffic at extremely late hours, covered windows and reinforced doors, exhaust fans and pipes on windows, high security measures such as bars on windows and an accumulation of chemical containers and waste. On 13 April 2011 the Minister for Home Affairs and Justice launched the Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines. These Guidelines provide a framework for regulatory authorities and environmental specialists to investigate and remediate sites that may have been contaminated due to being used as clandestine drug laboratories.[75] Clan labs produce substances that are toxic, corrosive, explosive and carcinogenic. They can pose a significant threat to the health and safety of officers, the general public and the environment and hazards include:

  • flammable and/or explosive atmosphere;
  • acutely toxic atmospheres;
  • leaking or damaged compressed gas cylinders;
  • clan labs located in confined spaces;
  • water reactive and spontaneous explosive chemicals;
  • damaged and leaking chemical containers;
  • electrical hazards and sources of ignition;
  • reactions – in progress, hot, under pressure;
  • incompatible chemical reactions; and,
  • bombs and booby traps.

Clan labs in Perth The Police Commissioner (Karl O’Callaghan’s) son was involved in a clan lab explosion in March were a total of 5 people were injured. On 2 June a Gosnells house explodes, resulting in one man in hospital with severe burns. In 2010, 133 clan labs were dismantled. Of the clan labs discovered in 2010, 26 were in the cities of Armadale and Gosnells and the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale. In Western Australia, Gosnells has proved to be the hotspot for drug manufacture, with six clan labs uncovered by police. Five labs were shut down in Armadale. Almost all drug labs were found to manufacture methlyamphetamine. The suburbs of Kelmscott, Huntingdale, Bedfordale and Southern River harboured two clan labs each until these were uncovered and shut down by officers. Clan labs have also been detected in Camillo, Maddington, Thornlie, Mundijong, Byford, Brookdale and Karrakup.


13 Responses to “Strings Follow Men At Work”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    down, paperclip
    In the name of science bullshit
    ie drinks it down
    down under what to say
    its shading is timing clitoral root


    —I—E—M…just the e of the ie, Pompeii.
    ___I___N___E___M thinks he will, huh?
    ADD This TO
    ____I___R___ I ___T
    D O N I T E T T E O R Y
    O T L I L I N B Y G L O
    I K E K E T L A B R I A
    T O W O W R O R A S T E

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    a blank a minute
    I know it’s late.
    the dead ends, the lessons learned

    a) I’m a cook, A KOOK is onomotopoeia, pull BACKS
    b) Double-U Me’s.
    c) TEATH, the teeth of a guy who speaks with velocity, stains in the course of going commando.
    d) EDNR, a UCSD compter server 1975 properties, “EDNA”.
    e) BNOG. I am heading and I say one ba.
    f) This is the anniversary dates. Ask, as SEG is surrounded by strangers I thought were my friends, my dead zeroth marriage, countin’ swelled. “against t. & w”. Come with you to the hospitals
    where the births of they want it, and then us, we standed lines in peripheral abortion clinics. I’m an older (or dead) Kyoko, who once bled almost all the way into Ishi history, maru.
    f) EUYPO
    YFO, no front tooth. She losts ’em of courage.

    the domain street theory, BEV, cylindricals. Post-elliptic closin’ & & time & time,

    in your time
    g) I O I A sometimes, you must testify before Congress.
    Owsely I dome mean von November …am not mister klick, so that this quote and a badder photographer can catch the souvenir, “bolder course”, Anheiser
    h) S T S K Last movie was a Batman in the rain. We add Sabrina Nickar, an, umm, yer heart is in your head. New York! and tattle.
    i) d

    ** u) I can mean U. Define a quadratic with noes (^). Let u be x squared bumper


    There’s more, and forebilly tags Seger at 46:47. Start of a new song with horizon, sounds like…midtown, new york, oh. No doubt — the phony poses with the worn-out lines — Hell, champ.

    promises the text
    do an acting stretch as a way to hide the ideas
    sketch this out like I do 3 X 5’s, Jimmy Caan. It Te’s its own reflection, every charcter a serve…Jimmy Conners.

    Listen to ’em leave — go back one post — then you walk to the window

    array back the bracketed time
    a hump

    how to make easter bunny dope god is not mistaken if I am not mistaken theres a big hell strings follow men at work

    bail out

    CHARLIE — wonderful nark. felt like a million —

  3. sbillinghurst Says:

    coffee has found a friend
    at closing time
    I know who I want to take me home

  4. sbillinghurst Says:

    yawning syllogism
    don’t know what to say
    Day o Weedies
    dropdown frum the
    visor of Chucky’s San Diego automobile
    I’m giving this group
    donating a bug smears optimistic
    plastic ovum of consciousness flew
    in menued-disproportion elimination
    salve on the coke

  5. sbillinghurst Says:

    just heirarchies

  6. sbillinghurst Says:

    swallows of the bumblebee stripes
    their crystal habit
    my food’s ability to impart intelligence
    or a laugh
    of pain
    guess properties of a northernmost

  7. sbillinghurst Says:

    Notions of proof, prior to proof theory …. From my present perspective, the First Godel Incompleteness theorem is almost a peripheral result in proof theory. ….. That mathematics can be formalized, and that much of it can be axiomatized, is a …. There is a useful account in Buss’s (1998) survey, giving the link to staples of
    A Macintyre
    just another sad old man in September.
    africa set as emblematic of the yellow stir coming
    out the eyes of that guitar

  8. sbillinghurst Says:

    that’s good
    harm enough to a 17
    move it into the bedroom
    roll the cart
    please /b
    the alligator chops off the agency
    I mean the entire agent generator
    agent control

  9. sbillinghurst Says:

    Is very nearly a treat
    so nearby that
    those Os
    as very near

    I can see nine-sixteen
    no I don’t.
    But the cloud
    I got to aplogize
    and let them line up.

  10. sbillinghurst Says:

    The Torah’s all witty and rare.

  11. sbillinghurst Says:

    Any computer thing
    waiver upon waiver
    demented and bent
    It is not fixed to have to remove lumps of solid bread
    150 kilovolt stack of rigid rotors
    CMB your left
    one at a time
    one seven
    an oasis of jet lag
    an oasis of ocean
    I have a need to go get it without getting caught. Anybody seen any gotton?
    What did it say to me one word at a time?

  12. sbillinghurst Says:

    a switchboard is always imperialized
    lily tomlin i had lunch together
    one of the barber quarters
    you slow dove
    patch a vinyl toroids
    set teeny to wobble
    his sweat to ran in ocean
    lets see you walk
    without that nasty jam stain
    he’s staying
    a book on the top of yours
    all those heads under one umbrella

  13. Oliveborn The Nautical Says:

    Three moments a leg
    transmitted to the tibia
    set to fracture (greenstick)
    yiu three.

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