God Is Not Mistaken, If I Am Not Mistaken. There’s A Big Hell


Look, we heard you

The guys who are not ramping a total, gluing love basing to how long on a mess of her hair you swell, purposely smelling…

Are to make themselves aware, there’s no B.  You better not glue these results in Monte Carlo time.  This time isn’t real.

It’s put over the natural numbers.  Real reduced it to this little point physically.  It’s what it is here there, too, surprise!  How

needle…Cleopatra.  Every weir, you suck the goat’s water.  He touched it.  That’s no longer big for no reason; it’s pig.  Parallel line  draws.

Flowers, on your motorcycle watching all the leaves fly, a trail.

Topologically, or combinatorially, bet who hurt me owes Oddjob a problem.  Medusa’s?  Pe Ws. Pm.


Pm Ms. Pe_____________________________________maybe’s not five minutes.  That’s in be 5 no-trump needle-y last-fucking groove, K and can L, uh-huh.

have you heard the news


O D I E N I T A K___________________________sewers come rising, see  we’re ‘as on global.  Orientato, all of bosses know without these magical names, they are further sunk somewhere generally unsafe.  Now boo-hoo, and to the limit.  Who do you pick on by weight, at 100 slugs rolling?______________Leave me a stretcher.

S N O F I A E N T__________________________Hey, “C for capital,” USA.  Calling you cowards out.  Go and get Snowden!  You got a week, and that ramps.  Wait for a lot of paragraphs




__________________________should sit down

God Is Not Mistaken, If I  Am Not Mistaken.  There’s A Big Hell


No, there’s Pig.  That’s progress.  Big won’t fit.

We’re loading moon.__________________________________________________________eye

Whose smile says________________________kkbomb it

turns into two objects______pentaco-___letter from home

saying which they are_________________why is it comin’

kills fashion_______________________________out all weird

_________which you’re not, minimally SAVES

you got the rip current for intelligible in backwash  represent the total continuity symptom____________rready-made

that ought to slow down________________________aand

you ought to slow down__—-__to valves
give pure attention at these exact four syllables: snore hairy loud

Wish “saves” could’ve been “you” shoot_______ in design mind

fallings,  you rat-bag, I don’t want  a bench datum,  plant tiers.

But this phenomenon is not where children with your head down do not whisper half-mad as reactionarily constituted, “That’s pig hell!  Every source proclaims it”.  Econoline what I mean, and that as a former victim, saying I enjoy the perverse pleasure of demonstrations men have not felt before in their soda-pop lives.  That’s the reason you’re in here with me.  I breathed antimony, did you grow, burn Te.  I talk to Listen.  My Dream died.  Almost there is a silly  skirt pool  dead out for the USA’s masculinities to be on trail line, leave no trace, once I give___ no week-over-week.__________look out

of______________forgot____________________five____  seat ________six____________go________ guess_______ five or _____up__________406_______silly belly rub

___________________________________Look up__________graduate with________s seven_________partners

__ttoe ________________________________felt them out

___________ textbook_______________________Gedanke

Yeah, and ankh proof.  It is the inept script elastic, pardon me, of _____a word, God, which proves hussy pleas offer albatrosses, that said in a “Pull this is right,” context. Then where did Christmas put you, who is going to get smashed?  I’m swerving, and since off one ordinal’s severe damage, PC God,  Who’s jammin’ oh, where’d ugly things up-essay Him, which is why this is so perfect.  PIG Hell, the Man has it coming.

9 Responses to “God Is Not Mistaken, If I Am Not Mistaken. There’s A Big Hell”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    Steve, make it easy on HP. The computer 1% membership should become a trope for external clues about Ze. According to a risk of loss of back-up, the computer won’t self-destruct even its trinkety subsystems. Naw, untether and trade all peripherals, no discount. By the gram, like a $2 part that trapped essentially a #3, Trinity.

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    choose theoretical or lemonade
    next answer
    Like it?
    I shall not be requiring any more whatever season that is.

  3. sbillinghurst Says:

    Feel all right.
    – 1835

    they R divided by two
    = 190 1/2 over
    How could I, ask the mice
    continue parallel
    = 2025
    Dim it.
    I thought Lebanese and vomited.

  4. sbillinghurst Says:

    trinities forever divide a truck with a divisor 37
    left me three to the fifth and change
    what’s the point?
    what’s my point?
    My dim imagination wants three fists
    not three friends

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      E, rixsking 7
      on remembering a 929, problematical
      but it was only fantazee one 74
      why ing each U
      each whine why U
      74929 is a prime number!
      is there anybody out there
      Two integers, five beat wing

  5. sbillinghurst Says:

    Note to sub
    there are numbers arising I can skillfully avoid
    not knowing about them
    that’s twice
    switch me a name’s coming

  6. sbillinghurst Says:

    switch back-up to go, notebook
    crime gizmo up here

  7. sbillinghurst Says:

    In calculus, the (ε, δ)-definition of limit (“epsilon-delta definition of limit”) is a formalization of the notion of limit. It was first given by Bernard Bolzano in 1817, followed by a less precise form by Augustin-Louis Cauchy. The definitive modern statement was ultimately provided by Karl Weierstrass.


    Isaac Newton was aware, in the context of the derivative concept, that the limit of the ratio of evanescent quantities was not itself a ratio, as when he wrote: I guess I just lost my husband. I don’t know where he went.

    Those ultimate ratios … are not actually ratios of ultimate quantities, but limits … which they can approach so closely that their difference is less than any given quantity…

    Occasionally Newton explained limits in terms similar to the epsilon-delta definition

  8. sbillinghurst Says:

    The square root of two…
    Provided second boundary points a given octave
    For the infinite tread
    Of coverings not in almost all ways extent.

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