In Stage Four Melanoma, Write My Reply Now To UCSD For Arrest And Psychiatric Coercion This Month












To the judge who squashes 5250s:  good on you.  Quit that place.  Psychiatry is a war crime!

47 words from an agent.

6 Responses to “In Stage Four Melanoma, Write My Reply Now To UCSD For Arrest And Psychiatric Coercion This Month”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    Uh, no problem, just report
    put drawstring back into clothing
    sew this
    Youse werg are through. Your kids –e m e s i a r– are taint.
    Oh, they’re burnt.
    Tell ya fantasy, Nemesis whatcha did: ya supposed that
    makes you moral. We are, “When?” Out of thread.

    1/4 of a Rohrer 714 Quaalude in a bong

    Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!
    while dispensing medical marijuana
    at one-one thousandth the cost
    or we’re not ex-creating the global.
    you’re excreting hay this all new-mown
    you bus full of rowdy little passengers
    hundreds of thousands of dead we knew!
    Notes make my want of schedule-scanners’ morality at-you
    high-time upwind
    as the express jack-ass
    bomb wind
    so purple.
    How could you go minimum diplomacy alpha
    to be two
    we’re one on a Saturday night hit me
    we’re in Europe it doesn’t matter who we rod.
    Edward, bitfag, you have a fuckin’ care, Snowden.
    eyes growing out
    So, is purple that
    “Spak!” sound WOOD
    since whenever the nude CEO I farmer for begs for her existence YOU
    her offers of sex four to five times LIKE
    tardy? But I’m a good dog, I TO
    bet a pack she has hit fifty years of age SEE
    Daddy, sanity pens me writing. I jot your care.
    Saner than a two-hour prayer session’s blues occur in a circle they hate when they take willful arc sextant subtending the pan of treasure.
    Wool, sweating over whether I am one, I guess. Thereat aside, the falling bugs came on us, on the right
    the tip of my long, lime sweet squeezing-suckings earwig bitters tongue. Delete the marginal threat. An’, uh, hold onto girls; retain five I’m eng four. Defendy fence be sure relate semi-informed to wear a mask related to Poe. Minimum legal modification and program borders for charging weaponry Ross won’t. Herd it.
    I haven’t eaten 3 x 365 x 60 x one microsecond
    Nyah, but I always bless
    four people down
    What’s my feedback? grok
    You are going to do nothin’.
    Spacin’… it’s, “chill”, chill.
    My feedback’s fault:
    “And this is rock ‘n roll, you dig?”
    As a rebel, the FC’s (Mr. Kenwood)
    Heady back to the ward?
    is there any other way to talk to you?
    You wish to come and get me, eh? Me? Gaw, but — you walk fire and speed, doubt on knowing American dues.
    Do you wish me dead as much as my complainant does? His bag.
    Do they know me five years?
    You kill people you hardly know
    out of sight.
    don’t say it’s the end of the road
    People with people in mental institutions are
    instructed never
    pretend it’s alrighty all
    Lordy, to mention it.
    Remember the flowers I sent.
    The door is locked forever
    on the strength of one sleep.

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    I called the nuthouse
    because it doesn’t say nuthouse.
    It just has a number.
    my dispensary — the one that’s frequently dry
    of dabs
    which ARE* able to measure out a high
    that lasts
    the way you were here
    to accomplish
    so strings
    of clear brown, uh.
    Risperidol (clamshell) is
    all right, too.
    Dissolving on the tongue…
    reminding me of the gum that comes.
    round-the-clock nurses
    who napkin up every emesis from your mouth
    (or sleep you in a rubber room. The law says four hours. The medical says that is an increment. You had sex on the wall with a radical!)

    *An extreme fire hazard. We have no mayor.
    We has two burn centers. Once again, fuck U-C-S-D.Their paper is in prove.

    She went, “Not at all”, when I asked if she were a dispensary. So I didn’t call back and say to my new numbers…
    “Well, how far are you from one, bro? Look out the (mesh) windows.”

  3. sbillinghurst Says:

    28, 36 now.
    I know the difference between you two.
    Come now break blacks
    whatever and whoever the balls.

    It’s the ties. I just can’t manage

  4. sbillinghurst Says:

    1/2 criminals shock
    “We will vote them out of office”
    shut up
    As for the pickaxable, they’re stoning
    dumb and stationing
    unless fumigation with Vikane
    O=Mg-CHR1R2 + PF5
    a nicotine right
    I’m sure Vi loves ya.
    a beer night
    as if this
    “A night’s peace!”
    could approach one a night
    linking 105.
    the dark merry force owes
    a grain
    and not a freeze-picture, like
    imagine “Ewwww!”

  5. sbillinghurst Says:

    The whole room’s filled with technical smoke. The cat ran away.
    I’d wondered my piece of wondering why what happens to me walks in corrective shoes. It makes traveling with you into the belly of the beast a jungle adventure with big-game We’ev. Hospital asks me why my spine is so rough.

    Yes, she is Mister Palestinian Liberation Organization, 1948. What’s been invented? Five-thirty a.m. A Saudi lives alone, a grown man.

    Drug War 101. I might connect you back

    Hi. We’re running parallel. My blog is, “How To Make Methamphetamine.” I’m a moral agent. Maybe that’s how she makes you see yourself. I only spend money. I see a lot of advertisements here. Best to think of me as a crocodile. I shall try with my tears, my smile, and my acts, not to disappoint. Get out of the road or be run over.

    Maybe I want to read an article instead of loading spots for mobile friendly. I am assigning 187s. I am building walls. Better get me over to your side, ex-Catholic, before I commit a full million to genocide.

  6. sbillinghurst Says:

    baby computer, copy-right
    as we are on the subject, it is the fact not anyone need act rationally except to follow a few simple rules which may result in the fact not anyone exotic exists. Writer’s exotic makes up in awesome what it lacks in possibility this could pull this absolute crime.

    Baby, to want maximum.
    Are you some kind of computer whiz?
    SEB, math whiz of the early 1960’s, gave
    wishes to Turing Test Post you
    it’s a computer thing, wild
    wild? Wow, I know that’s a Adam thing
    took a bath.
    How do you duck down Al Pacino?
    June, 2013, funny, Steve. Leading up to having hookahs odd, all in all
    Reptile Services.
    No, I’m not even feeling it.
    where do I time
    Reptile services
    It’s an hour left to go
    Triple Sec
    tonsorial parlor
    egg never to be dropped-
    ed heinous. Polly-wolly gim-bam wim-wam 33 Jesus on Skylar
    no vodiacs. Dennis.
    they take away your sales?
    Leading sexily up to a meteoric division
    front from back
    I’d get from happy layer

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