Examples from Daily Living

what it is in four different results when you are not parallel Escher Hell 1959

what it is in four different results when you are not parallel Escher Hell 1959

With my being wanting the various forms of yet imperial man

I am best described as cross.  That desired form is citified

with little deviation.  The so-called “denizen” of the streets

is prey.  Especially being in-between going the six directions:

dressed, shaved, hair cut, clean, went to bath room, did not send

noise, hair, towels, nose hairs, smell, attitude, marijuana smoke (in ping its clear)…

open back (I might hear “Animals” again, to-day?).  Set up equipment, ignore

“get paid”.  Me, I do not run off to New York because I don’t currently pay rent.  Mexico!

Some lucky soul has to take rent from me.  I envision nothing like a lady helps me douche.

I can openly conduct my business.  I business ladies, any futures.

This post is gratifying to me.  I do not pay to do it, eg it is clearer than thought, which is “an example”, ie an eg.  I did that because my muse has Ovid.  These eg’s and the Greek put Mr. Ovid from Rome right here with me.  I discuss everything as a thing, and a line of an elegy agrees in marble, and together we defeat, you capitulate.  That is, literally speaking, my life is into a clear substance, moving where there is a murky one.  Ovid intends that Rome possess plutonium.  They’re workin’ on an atomic bomb.  Or else somebody in the 23rd century, say, is talking bioweapons in the same speechless  context as clean glass.  Ovid anticipated in me all the examples from Roman life we have lost.  Actually, Ovid online is well-done, it’s flesh-and-bone appointed as magnificent text, still doing its job (lying.  Literal people don’t take wounds.  God is disemboweled in my intent from stem to stern.  God and chunks cut off Him are strewn, although fuck you.)

My little son finally left me a message.  I act like a person with a pair of missing electric razors choosing razors dementedly.  I can shave pussy bleating and babbling we fell on it, we fell on its neck with a scream.  It happens that I am gross, anticipating the abstract, and peace — I forget what happens.  In my id and superego, the temperature is not right for searching the gutters for telephones (I heard, I know it.  It was in the bag with 4 oniony dollar hamburgers).

I steeled myself, Ovid.  We had fun anyway, with our boat askew in perplexity only an intermittance.  The rest is spent trailing an idle hand in flowing water.

18 Responses to “Examples from Daily Living”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    I . It’s to man. It’s to me! It’s furthest.
    _____________ this is Nicholas’ message, with the intentional uhs not cropped. It sends my evenings along the path of the warm yellow glow from a reading lamp. I am writing, do you read?

    ‘Me and Nicholas’. That’s the idiom. We went to see Devo. Most writers waited to see SEB (“Woe is me”, my man Ovid talking Wednesday’s child.) I’m one, Lord of Awesome. I mean, we can dispense with Eric the Red. Drinking people duckin’ drug-users is just the moon (goodbye, pathetic) You see, as a thought, SEB is elusive to humans. Many writers fall for the SEB, so do their excellent translators. It is best. But Ovid worships me.

    The old bull balls do not stratford of straps. Bras, sir. The terms are to follow.

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    He lined it
    I lied.
    I lay in wait for him.
    I give in.

  3. sbillinghurst Says:

    My 1948 Popular Science is not getting 21st Centuries tape
    to hold the cover together.
    We’re heeeere
    there is only a coat in the rear bench seat
    of a red convertible
    accidently going off the roof
    the parapet is all wrong for that
    infinity pool
    front of red car crumpled
    crumples accompany a
    so a spangling bar of chrome
    and an accordioned bumper.
    Oh, but we are frozen
    where is your kid
    we seen a plummet with a miracle baby.
    Coats don’t fool me
    I fly model rockets
    at model airplanes.
    I am a mean little kid.

  4. sbillinghurst Says:

    Un-miracle dog
    averts his gaze
    to scramble like Jackie Kennedy
    over the rear deck
    need that a spoiler
    and a lot more racking your nards
    and no dogs in space suits
    a sacrificial dog
    we do not travel with new dogs off roofs in n ew cars young
    any more.

  5. sbillinghurst Says:

    The dog is going to sagely, wisely
    wittily, sagely — uh, look at moon.
    Make it back on the roof.
    Excellent elevation change for pup.
    The name of that dog is observed
    as Walter_b Hyde.

  6. sbillinghurst Says:

    hey, Theater-Owners. hey, popcorn. Hey, jewel.
    I’m splitting to jib — jack-In-The-Box. Not jib as in jibber-jabber. No quarter-paper of go-fast can despoil my spoiled Texas architect demeanor. Meryl, worry about terms and serums. Skin pops take milk. I need medical behind me.

  7. sbillinghurst Says:

    I’m cognate. There were cold and ‘bined. There would be electronics, chem lab, tools, kitchen tools, a fork, a knife, I think pliers, teflon, heating mantle…
    Psi come use. It’s the isolation of a chem lab that places the fruity-rooty-lootie (and then the go-mad) my syringes and spatulas are as they’d be for an assay. I assay a dab of goop. My platinum, boy. Good guess. Using the pattern on a pinecone to guess…
    are you one of them” KGB on the street with a non-official cover. They name all of you Anatoly while still a peak of blonde hair, 1942. Steel killed. When you say the word, we let the speedier rabbit go engineer’s. Trouble is, we are not rabbit. We shall address this issue in the triumverate, Scotland. Be letting up.

  8. sbillinghurst Says:

    The physics of me talking to time itself is about symbols. I am as an ascriber to strong symbolism. Events as they occur are ridiculous. Those numbers exist. Nows’ ribbon is a proof sheet. Sheets are real. Streets are real, but I had a truck whose coup saying where — that’s here — EIGHT WILL 31, on 8th Street, National City. I only fail a percent. I know eight better. It comes in from the outside. It goes down and divides it all up. This is a molecular matter. I swish hot and cold around. Can I stealth them? What is room temperature to you? Is it not tepid? Is erre, said air, not vey?

    Instead of 8
    coccoon 8
    I mean I read two inch by two inch arrays of eng
    in a mirror.

  9. sbillinghurst Says:

    yeas (100). Go away, time. If gamma was G, than F, true dat. I am asleep. Glad we got the hammer off GH. That bridge to pine.

  10. sbillinghurst Says:

    00sb in 00:58…
    shock, don’t psi
    away/at home
    you tane a kid at home
    that is what you blacks throw
    whenever we reproduce
    hell, the child of Summer,
    we are the thing they have to mix to come up
    anywhere light of sky
    as below Earth-size
    it is all cracks.

  11. sbillinghurst Says:

    Wm 10 items 07/16/13 08:49:34
    The previous comment’s allusion to facts of shock is the one a police car gives. If there’s a manhunt, the victim watches, stuttering MANGOES into the microphoned, de-buttonholing for glues, box sealing tape, but there is a man in a baseball cap in handcuffs being questioned. A prostitute walked away/at home from here. That’s what we are here for, avergae salootes tryn nada sitna bagga the cab you stiffs peed in. Be catch-22.

  12. sbillinghurst Says:

    I have a bike in my car and I’m riding it every day.
    I have a book in my car and I’m writing it every day.
    I have a five-years-old man/boy jump in my presence
    as I am brought in to the Inquisitors
    [if you said my name and I fucked up, what’d I fuck up the last time you said my name?]
    Blaise isn’t here. He could have learned a thing
    about doest, dust, and heroin. It’s a sleeper. Process
    of the crane-stoke of the iron hand holding down the sp–
    it’s a horocycle
    like what a wheel traces out
    in the air
    put your hand yes
    in the air
    shut the fuck up 74958
    velvet glove 5:29 PM Ruvelcalva
    “Black Belbet”
    “Sonny Black”
    stimulant me.

  13. sbillinghurst Says:

    Where ever in this thread
    I’ve already slowed time down
    by examination of electric
    operation to the truncated exponent
    actual 0.2777, backwards 7772
    proton into neutron waves
    some human’s interference is the first thing
    to degrade my existence
    time will let me shit alone.
    This sounds familiar.
    I’ll be checking for radii inside
    the crystal jungle
    at incidence wik
    (“You forgot again”?), aw, clock, fuck to it.
    Time’s to “not say anything”
    I can’t take the intelligence inside.

  14. sbillinghurst Says:

    Out trampling I’ve thought
    couch all afternoon
    burn at midnight
    The Jews
    You’re getting that
    you can change
    away —–> AT HOME
    in my car
    my car-no-fungus
    to me
    dates in February
    ask the second…
    You’re not WordPress,
    You’re WordBury.
    You’re nearly a laugh
    You think you’re really a treat.
    Very well. Hold on. I look
    and you’re nearly a real treat
    that’s what you get for pretending the danger’s not real…PF
    “No this is not my dream.” -PF
    at you ferry fair. There.
    Mary is whozit.
    There is no malice in this , Mary.
    literal bite on the ankle.

  15. sbillinghurst Says:

    I can put some estimates.
    The fire exploded.
    The front facier is here.
    Facade, explode such that NSL and
    the abuse that comes with reading it to death
    in my cell
    to my cell
    That part of me listens if I read LSN
    and I listened
    And you said you can’t be listening
    as long as you are reading this.
    That pepper tear came upwelling
    and spilled from the contents
    of this radical.

  16. sbillinghurst Says:

    My glass is solid things.
    The tools can go in the lab
    the electronics can be a subset of the lab
    comes right out
    while electronics are missing their vital part one
    this set is stores of part twos zootie
    Naso ovidius reneg
    The office now contains the medication. Fif-
    ty bongs and vaporizors go to storage.
    I miss moth’s eave.

  17. sbillinghurst Says:

    Threats directed at dad labelled
    a taste of anything evil
    are so stupid
    there is no great range of deals
    a slipper
    can slip-a-tang
    the rope to the fear
    leads to a connected
    The sauce of the named drug
    in time peril.

  18. sbillinghurst Says:

    Without giving the slack to the
    levers of torsion
    If I post with minutes to spare
    is the post ashamed?
    To show its way
    is the way-trail
    your “wrath”
    Can be separated from
    God. Ooh. Ah.

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