Post Taco

cow not wearing

cow not wearing

okay, we're care not wearing.  cannae see.

okay, we’re care not wearing. cannae see.


summer rain

tiny chets.

Do I only twist and turn

to beat a weapon?

I thought

I rocked.

On your faith, on your honor

in before menarche.

I doper-deposited my check of the rebate/foreclosure.  The A had heard the check*

* cost of it broken into wherein their if’s there…Nigeria taking over my prints-to

As further research you ae battery saving these two Turn Images, Running Total of your images I do believe do an extra degree’s outside turn, a one-eighty-one…

From Steve, a Klem Kal-Leer, a doubles-dragon, and I have runny RNA says the prophets of 1940 will find your gingerbread tasty,

in a bucket


I got prodded

by a pea adjuster.  Big.  Floppin’



The 3K series diminishes to girls five grand.  Me and Clinton irritate over the same definitions, vastly different mash-ups.

One Response to “Post Taco”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    Jones parks roose,
    roots stings two taxes
    last month’s ticks
    fifties ciurary. Still remain 2
    next is 35 fine
    for running total 105
    Ninety-five SLIM

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