Filed Into A Cartesian Category [P____|__|__|__|__|], Inc. 0 ≦ k ≦ ∞. “I000”




Why all that?

It’s because sometimes the subjects on my mind blend altogether.  I’d been on thousands money coming lost and gained.  Sue me, your mailbox is history.  You’ll never get that back.

This is just a whole ESP doubles session, not a flux incurrence.

04 05 2010 Ron Jeremy had PM 02:44

07 23 2013  see if I stop narrating  12:25:18  AM


Mon may 24_________xxxx_______________04:39  PM   _____BK

I mind taking a little Milia bone

or a Sasha bone — to the head (I am got suit-up, noodle, and pitter-pat  2covince me to get off you).

7  23  2013_____________6:04:47 AM


3 Responses to “Filed Into A Cartesian Category [P____|__|__|__|__|], Inc. 0 ≦ k ≦ ∞. “I000””

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    You put down these…darts
    and string is …Malia
    is spelled
    had to read “blossoming”
    and is it like that, because Blossom — hmm — is a beast?
    But I miss a call from Colombia
    Beauties named she
    You get te face in
    to nuzzle de necks
    then chastely
    gaze up into the steely
    blue-eyed gaze
    of her officer
    Barack melts immediately
    He must commit officide
    or be found out.
    Bricks are definitely shat
    glasses missing one lens
    to drive the Model T.
    FBI awaits

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    Lisinopril tasting like pyridine. I think it’s a great drug for lowering blood pressure.

  3. sbillinghurst Says:

    GC FBI? Yea.

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