Fledge Dodge R3 311 Cubic Inch Complete Transam Engine. Move Out With Your Own Whistle

In San Diego, California, there is a culture.

Instead of writing this post as if I had coined it, I can terminate the normal and explain why reason exists (to the nontechnical), better with voices.  Per sensuous  one said, “three percent”, but I was journalled by the “representation” itself (implicit now, so, begin vocabularies.  Part again (take a martinet.  Use a character named Martin)), have idiots of the party of war, the Republican, not having enough truth in two words (“hijacked by liberals”).  It needs marionettes.  They dance.  They come in groups of greater than one.  If one or two die, they are still plural.  A bunch of money is not in a pile of friends, who can hopeful be elected.  Yeah, but these butchers underwent some modicum of force, or people I’d double-tap in the forehead in a hot minute pursued their brain down the drain while I sucked oxygen.  They thought.  That R, note to self: there is no choice.

I’m no longer with Greenwald.  He’s gay.  I’m not.  He must believe a mental illness saved of an OR-word.

I’m not with Jay Leiderman.  If I can’t have Barrett Brown online, then BB, Jay is a cruel insult.  He never worked to incarcerate anybody.  He could have saved the words.  Just say you never work hard.  Lawyers do no hard work, and that is what this animal represents.  I don’t want the switch : Lawyers are heavily touched by pigs.

I still like Australia, I never liked South Africa.  I “fink” I will hit you if you turn out to have an accent from there.

Yes, I do consider R. Lady and myself as pinned.  I had a brother his age.  I declare him persona non grata.  Lady is Pony Boy and he may do whatever the government can concoct for V&.  I love him.  You made him a killer.

Some of the math is in a tower…

Pictures of slate?  Yeah, catch the cursor next time it flies by.

I don’t italicize latin.  It’s just ERTE.  I dunno what it means, Guadalcanal maybe.

The youth culture  hails from internet.  They ban cancer patients from dispensaries.  You know about online banning?  It works with gasoline.  It causes little tattooed security guards to get shot.  One was shot while I was in a second dispensary.  Niggers shoot and rape.  I talk to you as I do my eclectic *family* which runs from  aged 92 down to nine, with notable gaps of shit in the middle.  Shit on that end, I’d say; you’d recognize it from  the ‘Nam, Country Joe.

People named pigs and dogs had me at “you don’t get it”.  They emptied every drawer into boxes and stacked them up in the back yard as soon as they had me arrested.  I stab myself while thinking about the gauze and tape I could use to stanch the flows.  I’ll go through it all.  Homer Simpson means my i-pod can’t be far behind…

So, collect that I am on the street.  San Diego has a huge and intentionally mushroomed population of the sunburned.  They know more about bulletproofing, less what about happens in Orange County to you after they win over you.  An old guy who’s injured was staring straight ahead while his right hand was fishing inside a duffel bag he had on the sidewalk.  I recognized the joint.  It was the 100% of your time just getting a brush, hopefully, something with a handle.  Something small you need in the light.  I thought him mad, and the hand came out with a yellow plastic Ronsonal bottle, which he shook, and was empty.  In went the hand.  It pulled out a second yellow Ronsonal bottle.  He was not insane.  I went through so much of individual packets the other day that I started my neorotic tics picking up corners.  I put a white paper corner on the edge of my mouth.

I fired Vanessa from the derp-survival ( look at th-the mess we are in, Jews) crew, muey and vooey, A and B, A and Z, tools for progress.  She was not dirty enough to act like my barefoot wife, and talking to her made my speech to where they’ve  stabbed at the fact …they have a pussy (or are all pussies).      Going to have to mark off a spot.  Anybody want a piece?  This character will follow me outside in a minute with a gun.  In Spanish.


13 Responses to “Fledge Dodge R3 311 Cubic Inch Complete Transam Engine. Move Out With Your Own Whistle”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    You’d figure it was a pig if a needle made it deflate.

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    E is from, erte is no meaning, este is bear, it must-bes ECCE HOMO. It fits. Dying in the sun, bleeding into the sand, the source is when your knee cracked aginst a corner not machined. ECCE is lo.

  3. sbillinghurst Says:

    Little tiny non-American Indians
    who run this motel
    I love them.
    If you give them a couple seconds to think
    they come around, they smile.
    I talk loudly and in specific detail about tattoos,
    six or eight of ’em can come into view right then
    The Others of the ilk are replacements for people with no long
    walks. I stand on my own two feet. I am not so horribly disfigured
    by having contact with a cinquintilla-grade rapist (of 15-year olds), who turned my shoulder out with a green skull
    such that the righteous …
    would not appreciate.

    Yet I do not.
    I seek those who join gangs
    anything or nothing at all on the skins is fine.

  4. sbillinghurst Says:

    The Department of Defense statements I don’t need. I mean, they’re fine. It’s the DEA and others whose pie holes come out with words I need to confront somebody about. I’m the cure. I got a stamp.

    You are going to know me and my God of the Alphabet.

    As soon as she drives over. I got to stop in order to have gotten it. Hi, work. I do not want the work any diffferent.

  5. sbillinghurst Says:

    That’s big and quite what I mean, BET_H, Jai Alai 20% to that’s not anything NQZ, NQZ is like a mountain zone that sticks up. I am fairy free to hate all the groups of 4 or 5 on a patch of ground, not on a godforsaken island.

  6. sbillinghurst Says:

    4 or 5 was 4 and 5 must one toughs pin my bed:
    The wroong todie lurks the correction just prior.
    I know the cursor aredy said FAG or, yeah, PEEVED, DEVP, PEVD,
    16 05 22 04…not FUCK DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (100% agree with, color it), turn a segue sound. I would not send back the life, cut us the green beans a little coarser. So it’s AND/NOT, pica aches in cases nice that I always predicted what sets my teeth on edge, OR-word, lil’ Catch.

  7. sbillinghurst Says:

    I can write here, not you can’t, but, that I could walk. I could write. I have a letter at my side. It’s for $3,000 and is unlike what I thought it was, a bill from UCSD for work 9 and 18 months ago, about #300 a month. There’s never any mistake, bill, reference. There’s a tome called “websites”. It wasn’t that, so is
    FAIRBAULT, MN 55021
    Hyah! They fraud, though Publisher’s Clearinghouse…it doesn’t usually have Obama in a toga.

    In the event, the letter could not have been slipped under the door, placed in the pile, the pile of which it fell from gthe top of, behing the television, in the motel, and the g.i.f. of it all, it expired in three days, of the fuckin’ Condor. That is, I ran the duration, and it is golden until Thursday:

    From and including: Friday, April 26, 2013
    To, but not including Monday, July 22, 2013

    Result: 87 days
    It is 87 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date

    Or 2 months, 26 days excluding the end date
    Alternative time units
    87 days can be converted to one of these units:
    ■7,516,800 seconds
    ■125,280 minutes
    ■2088 hours
    ■87 days
    ■12 weeks (rounded down)

  8. sbillinghurst Says:

    1. GWB was president the last time money was crowed over and seized from you, Washington, by State of Californias, in 2000.
    2. when I was detained without charges on July 6, all my possessions were gone over by my ex-wife and the landlord. $3,000 in unmarked $100 is missing. Both Elizabeth Billinghurst and Ruth Vasquez are guilty of Grand Theft, hello pigs.
    Hello, thar.

    The pig who blinds by the dental floss witnessed me witnessing my possessions outside. He claims that to sue, “Ruth”, is within my rights, and how he says it makes you think of China and 1939 one more time. Bury cabbage. Hey, Carmel.

    Say, “It is up to you.” How do you sleep, gnat?

    I am subject to shut that house down, as Filner’s last mayoral move, I hope he eviscts you, or gets a “B” permit on ACACIA GROVE WAY
    run by police, not a zone for 38th’s gang on Veta.

    Then what else, V? Come back from Bogota. Keep the donut, I’ll take dinner with coffee.

  9. sbillinghurst Says:

    So that I am saying yeah
    there is a pencil sketch
    of the church
    I repro’d here a couple of posts back
    how’d you not know
    human brains, meth and —
    I’m listening to the exact chemical structures
    and the sketch
    confirmed CIA
    did not plant the letter.
    CIA replaces five $20 bills
    zee agent sent you
    with $20’s that make a cream super Nova

  10. sbillinghurst Says:

    The Independent Board is a clean-up defense to the slight charge
    a rewriter of fraud mortgages
    making 15,000 for putting me in the arm4, 3 days I
    bothered her
    came recommended by the shit dentist “DDS”
    this town has, “you-likee?” types
    cement-mason husband
    15,000, you know, 1,000 an hour would have been very base
    she was above
    reaping in a housecoat
    just drop the docs off at 4 AM
    proceed to work
    chain like the devil
    spike ’em
    fuck ’em

  11. sbillinghurst Says:

    who was toll >click< the band
    T in the Em
    21:12:38 + love-love-love-love
    Mulch. 1955, the home
    of Edward Billinghurst,
    a pilot
    now an Electrical Engineer
    Hardware and sound
    Big Man
    606 Aspen Drive
    Concord, Calif.
    Later, 94520
    When your hand is on your heart
    little Kevin comes along
    stain on your FAT chin
    Pay no hearth
    Little Jeff comes along
    I clean his clock
    he has brothers
    the next day and for 9,000 days henceforth
    I am beaten.

  12. sbillinghurst Says:

    the actual word who turned up what
    queer gang member
    would be ESE’s, uh!
    turned up later, that’s okay with a symmetry whelf
    do back your pleat or a zip!
    In Latin, this black flies ESSE is to be
    ETRE is French
    Gomer Pyle’s
    puppy love
    Giza, zo. Domo.

  13. sbillinghurst Says:

    On traces, I begin with two statements
    one by a man in his 62d year’s
    and one transformed from it
    and curiously in deem molted.
    To get going, its character is given by completely
    counted-up fields
    on mine is a monkey. This is until well into 2014, then the second-ending becomes an “rd”. So it’s not 63. When you miss on a matrix, and language saves you, usually you sacrifice the nine on a account of a zero, the twenty comes less the first. 77th, like an O is in-between. Where else will an “O” reset the end one further down (that’s an advance of a character), to get up at Nat. City. Fire Two, Nazi. Fire Two to Nazi, come on stay leaked, exposed, ignored. Maybe 411 has a critical mass all scary but na hah ahahah hike.

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