“Me-Tubes!” Of the Future Now Gather Round Bound and Haggle Giggles

A man, young adult (child), fifth through eight words


you punks around with desire, love

standing in trunks and I mentally

saw the tuft of hair that is

there above the trunks.

He went on to say about, “dawn patrol”, he’d seen the vapor trail

and then when you want to understand the idea of love

the attraction of surfing in too late, attraction of surfing is not enough,

for the moment lost, the loss wuz shakin’ me as shakes do,

you consider the attraction of drugs.  You join together in a turning away.

We call drugs, “pharm”

use it as an adjective

use it well

eg, “Mariah”, and spell

it, “farm.”

I started hallucinating while young abed.

Shawn was still on, sort of played

interrogating his image in the screen in the wall.

I wondered whether he had ever smoked pot.  I said, “You have

got high before,” to the teevee, Honey.


One cell, one single cell…

I then wondered how we widow our women, our squaws and I am telling you sport, slaves.  It’s fun

the best First of November.  I then wondered for glory if the Septembers had chemistry caught in their suns ENERGY

And that all meant you could smoke pot and be the Weatherman.  I bet Marcella Lee is

privy to Shawn’s inner life.  Ah-ha-ha-ha-hah-hah-haha-hahaha…


Sometimes I get tired of waiting.  Shawn

was still talking.  He said, “…over the next twenty-four hours, men,  El Nino

will be taking her wash wand through Cabo San Lucas June.”  I a-

greed.  He could easily take a toke,

maybe just before bed.

Fixed; the promises that were broken.

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