Day _8 Stokes VIP Theory, M.I.T. No such psychic medium for this shock…

copy racer mentally driving protons until awe-ing for eight kilometers not very eccentrically

copy racer mentally driving protons until awe-ing for eight kilometers not very eccentrically

Rohert Sedd.




SE I FAC——————————f facts

still make facts, not my chemistry.  What do you mean?  It’s just funny, that’s all.  You’re funny.

why not win it whatever + 1


Reet bear to annal all-typo




run gow

fih… wish the sky would stop.

Almost never need a nine


fixed, underlined, with vassals and serfs

compulsory you remain by my side

the point will be a “behest”, look out




7-21 up

4:19 AM

Lady Van

Half the language is for the tawp two percent (came forth extracted of most from my hand).  Stand aside.  Understand your man?


The thing to do (with the ice caps).  After the second next 1,000 miles in the distance south GG randomly moves …

told GG 1 on JUL 21


–Lost animals.  Air is slat.

G-line EEG 4 @ M.I.T. nature ___tismal.

Heavy Stokes Wall Tr2r 33 passing point


under failing Day 8 Stokes check actual decay of category, would you, Steve.  One ford Pp.


Who’d be the lone dissenter?  Whoever won’t load, shout.  Bang it & The One: Blame Parrot Acts

Reclose as long as I am standing by this box.

2 Responses to “Day _8 Stokes VIP Theory, M.I.T. No such psychic medium for this shock…”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    I focus on a box, literally, Nicholas. I focus my chill on it. Frivv3rt. “Ert!” show car comes to a stop. Do I focus on the 411 in my brain, or is the game russet potato of exactly where this cursive is facing, literally, grasping; it needs to be falling. How much time, and at what potential expense in troll, labile, …I mean, a strong magnet, to you. Fire and brimstone. I guess you should lack one they call Frankenstein, leaning … to knife Ananselmo’s bread
    not russapotto it’s grits
    power to their appetites
    for poetry
    how long the recipado sezz
    to make double-apple and back to chaotic
    in my kitchen
    my saddle isn’t it.
    my government-issues examples
    I now need a 9 on nights
    the verdict is fuck you
    he’s a nice keyboard
    curious, wondered where this cap went
    extraordinary proposition. A whole hundred sectors read backwards.
    It’s going to happen in votember
    whenever you vote for it
    by my math
    by my cigar

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    Hey, provided ease is.
    “Hey, work”, as you clumb.
    Those are the dead.
    You are in every message frequently
    or each message
    is all about y__o_u.
    please don’t hurt it
    distortion isn’t guessable
    the make it in
    that was the last time
    saw like rum frag at a time in Mr. Charles Darwin.
    will was the last time
    I digested R.E.M.
    Like it wasn’t in the wall.
    Across from suit in another column
    To you its yellow ledger
    metadata through temperature and clarity
    sheared from under the bleachers
    and here is a gardener’s porn.
    blip…what are you watching?
    Do you deserve it? Frank?
    I felt cold…dry as a funeral drum
    WORK ET show “WORTH” showerhead helicopter
    some shit cellar it is to you.
    I had gone in contra-
    riland Agency’s hmm. Tokin’,
    over slewed out slack and takin’ firey
    oh be no
    coagency matters
    I got men, spooks, Hobie
    felt Obama man-woman shirt-hat I
    picked an orange spark off, then
    heard this: “Loser!” in my
    her-hair. I, too, suggest 2 a roll, slams so high-fuckin’ eye
    tingling cough, suffi-saw-
    ferers, that space cadet glow, cough, hear
    it. At that is when it
    occured I wuz lookin’
    at the fateful words. Is it what
    lab whistle true. Is-it-what-
    I’d got from the senthenery
    in the queerdom thats

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