Ungendered Protocol of Limited (More, whatever random is), Nuthouse

This is an HP.  It just told me to learn 2 internet 8 bob, and my DICK is my DOCK, so prepare thy hellacious typographical emerging, blog-destroying, ultimate magnification, maxxing work wipe-out to the good of  endless advertising

on Carly Simon’s


An idea, So, I don’t take back what I said (Fuck not knowing what you are talking about), that worked (love does not “work”, you disgusting), you can press ENTER and Harley_Davidson will make a bike that won’t died at 7-11 (13, now 13 seconds ago), can you see (libertine black) BLACK that I do not believe it, Olmos as if my YOUR DAD? nine Dads anti brass bedstead handcuffed to, Eme. Amen anyway, …

Blackwoods and fluching ‘net said, now lizard, drool.


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