Who Was Knocked Up By Their Dad On the San Diego Police Force

"...guitar, make it snappy.  You are the one who can make us all laugh, but doing that, you break out in tears."

“…guitar, make it snappy. You are the one who can make us all laugh, but doing that, you break out in tears.”

As I was.  Thin and edgy like me

a redhead

with reddish shit

made up of worms

like redwood logs left over.

I’m to the vinyl computer.

The Vaio stage of Barrett Brown

that the laptop grabs the cursor and runs with it

after some keystrokes about forty-five seconds of lag…

Mexican Omar at Omar’s shop had it a month.

When I told him to give it back

he unrolled two twenties

saying he’d have the rest soon (tomorrow)

I told him no

but I have plea of senseless equipment

my track ball itself didn go down the drain.

I was emptying out my car in case one trip for my belongings is all I can see

if I ever do….Next month.

I’ve been out after a 5150 hold now for two weeks

just on the street…Last month.

dying various cocksuckers’

lives is the point of SODIUM

So that I would have more room in my car.

I own a storage already.  Oh, I’m going crazy, shit.  Those chemical rightest runner should

say “OOM”, anything likke “I_OOM” is just foregoing the tightness of your head.

It will jot an extra suffix involuntarily

which feels like a skeleton drinking…

the wine just pours down around the neck bones

nothing stays

It’s from  speed, but I would

not be talking

unless facilitation of our local heroin imports was always my bag.


6 Responses to “Who Was Knocked Up By Their Dad On the San Diego Police Force”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    positioned to put a half-a-nyet peach of a grand-daughter in your mouth for a month o’ Sundays,… Swansonbrenner (obese Senator from Fourth Chair-Riot Carolina).
    which reminds me to hold out to the middle
    not slink by a wall for shade
    need surveillance of any beatings I get.

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    The glaptop?
    watch whatch’re carryin’
    Is there gas in the car
    yes there’s gas in the car

  3. sbillinghurst Says:

    Well, that’s that rich man, Roger Waters
    Which-in real life
    I have seen once
    in a stadium
    cloudy by LSD-25
    not looking over your shoulder
    pack up all the way — oh, in to the top rafters of the stadium….
    Backs against the wall, feeling mucus build up
    They have a pig
    There as Gods themselves
    God’s aspect ratio with his stage…

  4. sbillinghurst Says:

    jousting for position
    with a picture
    on dear low computer
    I faind no fault.
    Ah-OO-gah 1923
    There is theory about
    innate and dangerous
    territories of words
    given by ugliness
    if that is right.
    Beat shoes upon methodical. Way
    way beat.

  5. sbillinghurst Says:

    Not what good

    angler one’s xthy
    bullet-dodgers’ 2xthic G
    they call the 3xthose
    kids you left
    ha wunna full uddas
    start clopping
    Vo depth
    Hi thar animals; 5xth*
    I meant it
    due. Nest. Pripple.

  6. matt Says:


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