Robbed By the San Diego Police

Vinny Your legend's  up there. Cool guy, a-hyuk 600 mile.  Tension.

Your legend’s
up there.
Cool guy, a-hyuk 600 mile. Tension.

I am at a low point in my energy for the day, 3:30 AM.

I feel badly thinking of how mistreated I was by the pigs.  They’ve permitted my landlady to just have me bodily removed, and the pigs will not let me get any of my belongings; none, ie my $4,000 cash, checks, computers, clothes…

saying that I was “evicted”, ie, “I’m not letting you get anything.  You have been evicted.”

I’ve not been evicted.  There are no papers, no 30-day notice.  It’s like with Truth Iz Sexy, really more than me.  Like Greenwald says, dissidents in America are being persecuted.

It’s unreal.  I have to go stand by and wait for the police again, after establishing she’s home ( so they can get both sides (of the robbery?)).  She sees me yesterday, and there’s one more problem: evasion.  The target of the investigation spotted my surveillance and mother-turtled as the invisible car.  Then she circled back and texted me to stop or she’d call the police.  Hey, this is what the police told me to do.

SDPD killed this poor Mormon idiot by the time I moved in, Travis Stanton I guess was his name.  Funnily, I always felt like I’d not see my son grow up, but those three kids next door really don’t have one.    People don’t care.  I know today for me, there’s a sepulchral light, a preternatural glow issues from a  grave what unlike anything straight these pigs are.

People I’ve seen are just pigs to you if you happen to be dirty.  I leer at them all.  I ask men for sex in front of their slut girlfriends, whose charms I ignore.   I look up at the men’s bulges and lick my chops in line.  I nod my head.

You should come out.  Wear a bomb squad suit.  That’s fun.

8 Responses to “Robbed By the San Diego Police”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    Yes, my entire length is stretched out over a teenaged girl. They are a dime-a-dozen. I am climbing over her to have sex with teenaged boys, eighteen and nineteen specifically, asked for in every restaurant I decide to occupy for fun.
    TIS, I have a pedophile they have been protecting in National City, Mitch Beauchamp, City Treasurer.

    It is my belief that a citizen is either gay or straight. And that gays should not be permitted to go into Tijuana’s orphanages/brothels
    zone for sex, but you can imagine the sleepy attention the Alto Californian pigs give that imaginary eyesore, cross-border homosexual sex tourism.
    But why’d I get a 57 on the seconds? What’s implied by a 3-second?

    Shoot real straight, pigs. You know where it’s going.

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    GG referenced ____
    thinking you might get younger in the air
    it is nightinggale
    foam with toothpicks
    So, according to us, we are
    somehow pertaining
    in a fashion
    pick a shadow
    rimmingta and that’s meyoring in progress
    first draft
    desert, explain
    what confers this
    they do not have to make big holes
    what’s hole-finding?
    12, do we creep up porphyrin
    and is barry sharples making linkage?
    * coincidence law
    Plan D requires an M-plate switch
    across “Jewish”.
    *** the serpenter
    you following?
    normal language is highly ordered
    we just invoke various ax^2 – by^2 – c
    and impressions of avatars do the west
    Erin, sorry. should I go first
    next drop of this ether bottle
    is its last
    coming out of Genoa
    whatchuca talking ’bout
    It’s Bologna.
    Thank you.

  3. sbillinghurst Says:

    As soon as it is an algorithm
    we lose a month again
    To Robet L. Forward
    Robert. F. Robert.
    Steamboat Fulton
    Robert Without an F.
    The code of honor
    Al Gore
    How would it know its name?
    Ah, secret calculation.
    Me nerve. Stumped.
    Just think of it as probability due
    and if we can corner that quantity in
    we can time
    W does nothing
    One title and it jumps out.
    I send an order of magnitude magnetic recruiter cells
    on a decisioned and slippery
    As to what machined
    the stand-offs from sheer terror
    not ostriches of value to ranchers.
    then the martyring…
    to the sufferers
    and Beryl Lynne
    wound clock on West call
    congeals CIA syrup
    Arterial work today.

  4. sbillinghurst Says:

    Rob Lady squeezed out of Italian justice.
    Makes me new nervous.
    This post should be a sticky.
    Oh, before the killed:

    I can’t say how the worm changes into a catastrophe. Normally, a person formulates questions and seeks answers. They cannot comprehend asking the void for a question.

    I can say hi to my work, can’t I?

    That’s the post, and if Glenn Greenwald hasn’t been high enough to erupt in hallucinations, then all the explorations ending up as literature are odd. They are actually a little ouch-cube of shot nerves (R. Crumb)

    There are more words
    This is I-AIM in it in curl
    oh, what movie?

    Robbed By The Sun
    paddlewheel, right-hand rule
    vehicle into the page, mmm

    In vector calculus, the curl is a vector operator that describes the infinitesimal rotation of a 3-dimensional vector field. At every point in the field, the curl of that field is represented by a vector. The attributes of this vector (length and direction) characterize the rotation at that point.

    The direction of the curl is the axis of rotation, as determined by the right-hand rule, and the magnitude of the curl is the magnitude of rotation. If the vector field represents the flow velocity of a moving fluid, then the curl is the circulation density of the fluid. A vector field whose curl is zero is called irrotational. The curl is a form of differentiation for vector fields. The corresponding form of the fundamental theorem of calculus is Stokes’ theorem, which relates the surface integral of the curl of a vector field to the line integral of the vector field around the boundary curve.

  5. sbillinghurst Says:

    Psychically finding the post I wrote which referenced the jewish carpenter, Scot, was…I am not sure how. I can’t be sure. I am sure, who dies? They remember? They feel good. I push my cursor down to March, 2011. It was that kind of time for me and Glenn. The psi-aiding “creature” is not meant for light. It’s just you in a mirror. If you look at it it shrinks away, but if you don’t eye it, it looks horrified. It muast be outside of the mind on a quest, and you mention a whole pile of agreed-up misunderstood corncobs. Well, next evenin’ is with Pincher, and then the zinging just deserts, pretty good. Awesome, ballistic and if balkanization could be brought in, won’t say anything about protection for sex.

    Now, this post is about Rob. “Broken-up pieces of lady” is not Hiroshima kimona Girl’s Jack River.

  6. sbillinghurst Says:

    With this one day I and BB psychically ran an octet of actors to define for psi for the people. I love your tongue. Say pish. I bet you are fun on a date. BBQ

    Tue, 10 May 2011 13:09:08 +0000
    Noun: One’s range of knowledge or sight.

    It has been seventeen days since I posted. A minute ago I was imagining how a loader of psychic weapons might work, and, I used the number seventeen. I had figured that if, fictionally, information balled up and then broke free, that I would use a little worm, an imaginary worm shape crawling off the page.

  7. sbillinghurst Says:

    The organism in the psychic competition is a man because he is killing thousands of DNA, and this warps the universe involving both potential and matter toward that guy in an unmistakable way. It’s psi. You go away from people tpo masturbate, but in the mind it is very invasive. Then when it is over, you would like to forget the seventy-five original girls, but you are out there. Ask whose are direct. There’s no pre-pubescent psi. It goes with death in the cycle of reproduction.

    “The Block 30 [version of Global Hawk] is not operationally effective,” the Pentagon’s top testing official had declared in a blunt May 2011 report about the drones being assembled by Northrop Grumman in Palmdale, Calif.

    My psi weapon is not going to fail just to tell ’em about its pork.

  8. sbillinghurst Says:

    I didn’t even know Filner, but if those are quotes of his, he will never lose my loyalty.

    I also like Robert Seldon Lady, who notes that Bush stole the election from Al Gore. I was mad that time. I like Lady’s loyalty to his CIA and am glad a spy can do his time (one day) and board a plane for home.

    We almost lost Lady. Now we will still snatch you off the street anywhere, losers.

    If it matters, I can’t support Doug Manchester or some of the mandarins at UCSD, such as my former oncologist, THAT Gregory Daniels. I was incarcerated on a 5150 hold and told by a little emergency room doctor named Snyder, actually asked by him whether I realized that my disease caused brain tumors. I knew he was a patent jack-a-nape since I was not ready to kill him just because…uh, well, hey. Hey fucking retarded doctors — call me IF I HAVE…
    Stand for being taken in, but never go back until somebody kills somebody over there, then write to the survivors, explaining how it’s going to be now you had to shop out red blood/ pigs.

    Cancer, virtually dying of it in my last year of life in this seaside burg, and the pigs have to act at the behest of “homeowners”, eg queers with a marriage license.
    I can’t post this at the Reader. All I have are laptops. I’m stirring the mousepad like I am about to apply rouge. Done, Seldon.

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