Mickey Rourke Discovering Blood Spatter from his Bleeding Sink Whoredom Allen, Pimping Solar

What’s he do?__________________________________________you be here how long?

After that career, modeling.

culling hers..

I already unbelieved the pound for six hors….

four hours, I said.  What month of the year were you born in, lamers?

Spun already invariance according to how many crunches take down molecules of aspirin he chewed

again, head

Periodically conversing gives jizz-spew this broken fleck property of flight___________________piec-


a second word about head

why, as this elf hoard moves out of this blog___________________________WHY?

when a fence goes up a littler (clitoral) problem

lost my train of thought.  Guy, you can slam a dick in a rolltop desk

it ain’t going to faze it, why?

we can’t afford ’em.  Gooks get things handed to them, pops chrysanthemums.

I legitimately had this, past’s invariant by G. W. M. Bush, all credit

wherein credit

is due.


Work on high space drome (snicketry, the formation of my dick intramuscular), exist 21st.  Land.  Imagining these readings, I saw the pussies degraded from something you’d bathe in to be born out of, two


Ones a Huge__________n_Philadelphian___________________State Starters

hornets flyin’ aroun’

and she goes Ed before A could stop that B_________no-wn

when it conked freight.

I A guh present


V& shall always represent for chilly of chillies dodges their bullet

it ate and moved its fucking car and left, no supercriminals_____________inin geometric tintinabulation to mice

4 AA batteries

a shiny outside

warm Coke

2 Responses to “Mickey Rourke Discovering Blood Spatter from his Bleeding Sink Whoredom Allen, Pimping Solar”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    “I should move the car”, half-a-register, shady, gueffs, hears
    when it happened.

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    fence looks like a ship wreck
    R.D.LOESCHER 1954
    B& p-8 mundan dinny Pre-8
    Don’t bring me down output
    241 pounds
    I won’t say the red WOOF?
    luz no help
    You got me runnin’ goin’ out of my head
    have a blast of it.

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