Keel Over, Good. You are not to be Referenced, NOC Particle. I’m a Pretty Fraction, Wohlford

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.conversation-module .missing-tweets-bar:before {
background-color: #66B5D2;

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.timelines-navigation .profile-nav-link:focus .profile-nav-icon,


.metadata a.tweet-geo-text:hover .sm-geo,

.discover-item .js-action-card-search:hover .sm-search,
.discover-item .js-action-card-search:focus .sm-search {
background-color: #0084B4;
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background: url(;

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background: url(;

.enhanced-mini-profile .mini-profile .profile-summary {
background-image: url(;

.wrapper-profile .profile-card.profile-header .profile-header-inner {
background-image: url(;

.profile-canopy .bg-img {
background-image: url(;

body {
background-position: left 40px;
background-attachment: fixed;
background-repeat: repeat;
background-color: #C0DEED;


Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal


entrepenuer. artist. kitchen specialist. professionl hitman. insomniac. methamphetamine cook for short.

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  1. Its a shame i pee on erbody toilet seat no matter where im at

  2. I have more drugs in my possession right now than most people get to do there whole lives

  3. Probably gonna eat some acid while at work today. And by work I mean suck a donkeys dick for pay

  4. If you think managing a business is hard, try hiring 25 people to get pseudo for you

  5. If you wanna know what meth is like without trying it, take 2 hits of acid and 150 mgs of adderall.

  6. I haven’t tweeted in awhile bc I was hiding in the lake so my customers wouldn’t kill me. I sold them actual glass

  7. Another typical Saturday morning trying to sleep on the roof of my barn wishing I hadn’t stayed up 12 nights in a row..

  8. I think my moms trying to kill me by food poisoning so I have to eat out of the neighbors trash #paranoid

  9. My dealer says I need at least 5 teeth in my mouth to purchase meth from him. It’s his version of carding you but backwards

  10. While speeding, I thought it would be funny to follow a bunch of punk ass bitches who are scared of the word “drug.” so I did.

  11. Woo, crazy night last night. Ended up in Mexico some how and I’m all outta crank..

  12. Damn I really should have saved some meth so I could study for my drug test…

  13. Today i found out the person I’ve been having sex with is fucking groups of guys for meth money. Definitely a keeper.

  14. Cops tried to arrest me again but the judge let me go. Apparently they can’t arrest me for being a meth head…

  15. It’s been a tough day on the streets…it’s time to go rob a few hobos to get tents and shoes to pawn… #methguyproblems

  16. Got a new meth pipe for my meth. It’s dirty already but it’s not like I’ll be sleeping soon so i guess ill clean it later. #methguyproblems

  17. Just gotta rehab, or jail? And jail? Same thing I guess. Time to hit the lab!

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