Pockies, FRIENDS DIED |00|x|00|x|00| IOU



-danny 1


Why all of the “friends” dies, I can see thAT.  And, in necessary accordance with how thewwy dragged Sylvia plath into just Sylvia, head injury pgt, ah, can’t kill ‘er, she won’t ..

Barrett brfown, I wish expressly to roast all the journbaliats

IMPUTE ESPs, slacker

SEB: It’s Richard.  (for runner does)  He just moves in.

RUTH: Don’t say anything about your roommates!! It’s that O.

not you do not want to gloat over 21’ve a minute.  Do this minute, because, of purple around goynit, the vagina spelt older.  Laquered nail posed over end key, the woman fusses, the light glows, the woman husses like a hornet, YRichard Lyon, “Why did they have to give me an MDSO.  I am a burglar.”  Plays guitar and smells like a horse, the laundry smells like a horse.  Ruth poured Mexican rites of Fab outs ide my do’, the O ‘s bleak, whoosh, so better.

five’s in mine, you usuary pig. I’m real,  not you.


RUTH : What’s that smell!!? Is there rotten meat IN YOUR ROOOOOM (or’s IN THE HOWWWWWWWWWWWWSE), the bent likie those three pigs.  Shooter, shitter, and Cloud.

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