Plasma: A Matter Quaguonspl-

W, QGP/QCD, W__________________Republicans

That’s a B-I-N-G-O.

In nart, art Nu, orb will hyperbo

so space’s easily aclimitization…

shoes, did you bring with you a way for these grinding adjustments to the vast sums of electrons (bring in the constants soon), when to see SO (driving emblen) saying,

this is not pretty, so that the way

we look as the middle

of what is going on

turning us, the rung ring

steve, jesus or the CIA

we tend to merely reference


we ask dates for to share Republicas


must not be 898 you are falling in front of.  carry me

How many of we herdin’ this, kitty?

The matter arrived and went back.

I love you this much.

My noise is editable. -Ed.


125 Hodaka

close the door

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