Wars Arent, “As”. By rwe Depp: “As” IS / WAS

A deserve.
A deseve it.
I do A
U and welcome you to the prinicipals.

How real is the real

world in which the world (how fast a man switches for another man, no traces) of espionage operates was switch as can faster man

double four square

walkaway.  Recent target-y NI back

IN (I forget whats place in the band.  The animals that I divided) is thurd vic

poce pritty did not

happen thus what

I am thinking is square

(is squib).  Fudging, what a finger does not dupe-tet. tryna hand me what’s offensive what’s shit?

u f f


“Suhhh(v)”  Events of da afta noon, Sample



mode of fact

The payoff on square we run tap what go back means

we run frequently,

hamsterrs.  My voice

modulates to accept and deny that which passes thereby six

seven smacks in

the face with my

is-dick is not

offensive to

anything like you.


RUS____|____SUR_________________________________you d.o.a. yet, pamela?


6 Responses to “Wars Arent, “As”. By rwe Depp: “As” IS / WAS”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    Do you get a hallucinogenic screen saver? It starts, ghirst noddin, doubt entering my skull causes an eyelid to lift, I process the Jackie Gleason. That low place is where this is coming from, what’s worse, that low level will not adopt the manner, just skimming over new york and most definitely wencouraging me and assuae segue, Jean and Jane and your fourth to fuck Jane May right here on this spot since just here I FUCKED JANE MAY

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    mistake out of view
    keep juggling
    keyboards out of view
    baby stop saying
    the words
    it’ll refine
    but it is fortuitousively real
    and I am gratuitously abusive
    not a cutter, Furnby
    GETZILK sane ankle it
    knows what
    we’re o n.

  3. sbillinghurst Says:

    Playin’ in the band. too mach
    My hand breaks mathematica
    wide to came 92nd earthian
    since 61 the world became me looking through, the other (Tc)
    so as these nuts failed
    came it

  4. sbillinghurst Says:

    That humans are hair dryers.
    What are you going to write?

  5. sbillinghurst Says:

    put on it that yoyo your lips are sealed, you particles
    Until now it hasn’t been possible to password protect a single folder on OS X. Now, Espionage is here to solve that problem for good.

  6. sbillinghurst Says:

    EMI’s anthrax engineering, by implication. The whole solo involved a shed inna midsta comin’ an goin. The ched to shortly bead, as Moses n his smallness was. Mosebey’s shortness, as I paused to be stared at by an ugly styrofoam head dashing up against venetian blinds. It wiped out ever thought in my head, we’re slaved. In the beadle castle-wall walkers, a great spy family in literature. In restroom, I am so sure that a large airplane (380) of as many people attended to stay, as the bread, custom then sat them intended to say. Of rock stars who come to mind, I’m saying that there’s that many, add the Hollywood stars, it gets a zone, if we create in it.

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