See And I See

Those brakes were for immediate seating on ice.  Together  spades — play.  A nicey icey queen was my turned-up friemndly cards, past the barricades on Trask Avenue, garden grove, across from the Hi-way 39 drive-In, beach Boullevard.  mangum villas, but these numbers, fourteens, Midway City, the brown speed, a criminal whose bangup was drunk, rustler’s crossidy road, your face bathing me in light.  You________________________glen, the twin chin-grooves with__________pretty

shadowy lucy-sucki’  written

get out of my car__________little

all of my belongings___________One mows on  grass, cup it — no.  hit the pipe and snap a bit on4444 in.  Hold it.

cord search is under________one

way of nitrogen

swing it

____A number of CAPTCHA OKOKOK INCL “fudge” “turnip” ,and, “Bone it”, Bone it One:  “bOoNnEit” || Tie? 

____ie?  ha ha ha ha h-leppi-dy.IE made fun of me, Smoaker & Furn.                                              ______________________4444OKOKOK.  trynan Dragon *scrApe* — maa.

lookin’ through their eyes I see their runnin’ blind.  Behahst castle walls

I see why you knights refounded.  The cold blasts

packed with intravenous niacin or other probably leaves

treatment ~see~ And ~that was sweet~I see why your thighs rebounded.


One Response to “See And I See”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    Doctor, I cannot see the sky.
    Waiter matters
    E have been it.
    Later matters at the beginning of the song

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