Maltese Bread: Holy Biż-żejt

You’ve Got To Stem The Evil Tide

__________________It’s Paul’s Birthday!


Doobie___________can save money

on the faster size — do teleo’s race of processing deuterons and tritons do this manner of dista-pearances?  The what-up is quadrillions per cycle.

The other 399 words.

BOOK AR_____________________________where are the slower Pi’s and 3’s?

Never._________________________nresponsivennnĦobż biż-żejtĦobż biż-żejtĦourspontion


___________________________________________________________nonnonresponsive____high sezzob

Yowza.   Gay your own arm?  My arm’s straight!

A Time machine Is Designs, Gutman.

Tucker let soo some in Jeris pas cho she was, after maxi

sposure.  Give me an example of something chew gained —

it’s A GIFT, SPELLING IS – Anti can annen bone specially

esnail glized e add a froo.  Gay your own arm,

look out, here it comes, c, s, h — didn’t want


Nick NcCool__________Anno Domini Christo Per

Minion Put Away For Life  ___________________________6-27-13.

_____________________________________________________________A dog breed of a pectorate.  Hood is part of a car.

They are all getting periods after they get fixed.  But it’s my fault.


__________Auntbot invades picnic meaning Spock — spilling the whole apple-cart — turkey table — bass advector it.


________________________________________________________________________outbector  on  it being

John Morris fmYT_____________________________________________________^

contaminated.  Hedi, Grab o piece o farraguez

that you benched over Westies inland.  I beg your

th ~~ pardon, mao weelfed.

* * *

It Should Be Obvious

N*_C Q* _ EU* _ P





E*_WS* _A T* _ N



_  _ E  X  T I  H  E  R

Chuckles’ Human Extermination Program Equals World Of Megadeath’s Human Extinction.  Feather ‘N quest Tc

Officially Know since I don’t know about you, but it reminds me, not nature.

If you have questions about the reason(s) for

disqualification, please call (877) 858 – 7463.

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