Hints From Heloise

If and only

every part of this well of souls… Exxon Valdez, occur.

And then, to shade the fucker all about

shrine to the fucker’s bacto-my-delirium

Ah, in the song, ah, as quite.  You haven’t been losing, you’ve been aging, which is a stabbed face moving

Hidden near a crushed-in face

Sayin’, these days I’ll paint the town in cornerstones and count the quarter-tones ’till ten.

This “jamaica Say You will”, sir.  In MAR !(&%

the 1975

the 1988

to thirty-thirty

to twenty-two

to telephone book

in Palm Desert…we all think that it is funny to pop chewing gum and bum cugarer… ettes.  How do you script three seconds of vocal cord air squeezin’, I mean, is that a code?

So, for to get away from my humming room mate, cigar is on here, with the guys’ knees feeling like mutated from Henry Bottleneck.  You can laugh, but we wear your-alls calver guts on her hets, with backsplashes.  “Finding” our seas, or getting so far away from Earth, quality last shot around March 23, 1989.

Fight the earth to clear your mind.  Read the 1975 lyrics in the background of the desert, vancouver is under junky attack.  I’d like process for zealous Z-Z soup.

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