Fast-Moving Propaganda

How can you run a wire through cheese telling me everyone you know is dead?  How can I do that eating?  ahem, ahem.  I do not wish to be ninety, fuddy-duddy.  Everything is you know it derp.


How I snuggled up with 18.Gouged. I have witchlike potainer: the front of snus, I did it in (on?) the bac of f-fled. No longer a man on a mountaintop, I’m oy in the Plains Indians. I am counting coups. Ain’t they all? In your dish you find, i. Noises are no substitutes for words, animal. ii. We might even speculate as part of the investigation. “How Steve Snuffs People”, is not — in real life I am The Wizard of Hawz, in my secret dance over there, over-there’s signalling…any such words Lefty (ahem) E.C.Z. the articles and Hedouin iii. I’m gonna be another rapper dead for (watsa rap?) poppin’ off at the mouth with shit I shoult-na said.

A person, if ppl are dead, implies an analogy. How is it you.

How I Snuffed 19__________a picture baby a crowd draama llama at the door

3, Probably not thinking of an image.  Charades save strokes

3, Probably not thinking of an image. Charades save strokes

PRI: Supposing to get charged with it, how are these long-distance charging documents going to operate?  Turn the other cheek, dear

den-den doon gao doo dao

As a witch, is all the ballast secure? — or, an alien.  Supposing (and an alien), aliens are witches, no?  SEC: Yes’m

snappy, oh, witches eg “have ESP”.  ESP is locked-up.  Expose it.  Rover, this is you:  the “you can’t” i. Mix apples and oranges ii. It is what it is, iii. Shout it out.  People is the crazy thing getting dimmer.

So We All Must For Then We Are Dinner

On another deal, I attacked ALLSounds and only heard Glennsie intermittntly, according to the new la dIs ws of physics.  Things mean things, but are they correct?  The IS/WAS, lotta like that.  Again, is the breakup of information the total information.  I should explain whitely and it has just been found out to be a girl.  Expand on lady ISWAS laws.

AHSONIST, very hungry.  took me to court

I could look at my town as the dark windowed Sheriff’s bus

________forp___________lulooter__________________________disturbed Lu, Tb.  More white won’t woublemon.  Billionaire, I declare my woman, get one, and I vow that she’s this other one.

____________________the meaning of the white or I suppose in the family mad pink_____animals.

Omar’s fixing this.

my son a

hummingbird pity for cats

spongent, and never “not worth a try”, no.

A creat    being  Ob

viously I can’t express myself, and these are words, and I am not going to.  Vote Flexie

and who has the time.  Just have text, as always.  Play my name with guitars.



7 Responses to “Fast-Moving Propaganda”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    Tension touchin’ wr a lott
    A THU
    must have thought control
    too lazy or stoned
    jittery characters
    A TRU
    * * *
    Are we are flying a lot of “thoo”, King Of Utterances?
    Demented lock
    Bleating lock
    Distorted lock
    swathed in my own farts
    a rat-tail comb
    Is there a problem?
    Handing it to me. A lot of backwards Other milling.

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    2 actual
    the 1 catch a ride
    low that surfing
    CHEMICAL effects
    affects my internal mock-o-gram, with a blog and a little random button, it gets heavy. Humiliating. Pursuant. However, I got go on ashy pPashly, deaf-dumb-and-blind. Nice to have a U-turn where it stares at the sun.

  3. sbillinghurst Says:

    I was not sure, and being unsure where, I wanted 45 seconds of car alarms at the middle of our discourse, so that O, or two as afraid of having ESP inside them that legal alcohol is not strained. Klaus II Compleut

  4. sbillinghurst Says:

    2 necks broken
    I fall down
    red bay beast firey

    “No contemporary professional helper has more compassion for people as patients, and less for them as individuals, than the psychiatrist. He pledges to help millions suffering from mental illness, and harms the self-defined interest of virtually everyone whose life he touches as a professional.”
    -A T-V Show
    FIFE: Stephen, when you first see a dragon is not the night to kill it.
    Hedda likes you, but

  5. sbillinghurst Says:

    Without looking recopy
    we can stephen we can leavin;
    what I did part One?

  6. sbillinghurst Says:

    Littles Snowden and Linkletter
    Karen Ann Quinlan
    Linkletter feel the trunk.

  7. sbillinghurst Says:

    ESP is illegal. I cost Elizabeth her trip to Colombia. When she calms down, 12th-2d … ten days. You are move in. My video confrontations sans police Jay, reporting me, I am I guess, b-button man-handled.

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