In progress… _______________________________________________GG: In b4 z                                     “I washed the salt off my hands” -Enya__________________________ZOD: Knees, Keyer

__________________________________________________________GG: b4 z

@KingsofSloMo…Oslo, Tripoli, from balini to parini

Prinny, Brj…



…ran analytical…trumpet hers Halloween…we can see it, Hell, we can meet it…Hell’s not bad there.  They suck the brains from skulls on these Islands.  bring your heat it we can beat it.



/__/__/ vs.  /__/  Kirk Sulus



prime what?

High frequency, SKETCH is kinda scoot-pee-‘oped.

i c’n ga no    conga prime

I’m up, but summarize

why the 

The Incredible Hulk Hulk is not -in the front row [abstract permission of the virus seemingly transferred between my two dwellings, shit, I’m sited to extinction First Phase] go to stephens four visual




after v

Initiate this game, bishop-down.
…not in the front row — and
stash it in the past! [they keep it white] {music-box dancer}
Richard?: OLY BACON SEE — Braise me and my son? Yub.
i see your king and ineffective…
TOP, three levels of of it…
After thanksyou oy posit an
pot benthist and ruminate over forty, Diane.
After/transform “…
‘E HYPHEN'” ‘ [not a good time to quit, although L]’
TWO WEAKer characters to add to “…
LIKE SO, In in,…”
enterable dreamscapes experiment
A word count of 200
pen sgip
agent 1/2, Blue.
Go baa-aack.

5 Responses to “Fortifaggotry”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    CRAZY COOKING BASICS Agay my own arm
    Gil uses neu-T/F trals best material i. Pressurii. temperature
    survive pressure’s relative protecting
    even the fraudulent experiment, move over Mr. Ford.

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    1234321, I can what? die. a LETTER easy
    says that h e says STAND UP this loudly rose
    the letter had been scratched — stained Psalm 23 __ — con’t up…
    “stand up hiram you Mormon” an Taerry an six sweltering pirates.
    HIRAM: yet
    HIRAM Yes. sh no difference in gthe viru write poetry, noBin Franklint what I am writing, and we should part zippily over it,

    write round
    1. Nothing IS EASY
    2. FAT MAN
    4. REASONS FOR WAITING shake, Ian there is glue in the sky fall thincks
    5.enya firsk, WAITING HERE not, so they say
    northernmost strain

  3. sbillinghurst Says:

    holraum ansearch Holraum… coming after and back for v. It’s all good iff it’s on DOUGLAS it’s all good, as all good, not that good…
    ** hinge points and catch points ** home trigonometry. I see you smell like too many weapons. Heidi Holtz.

  4. sbillinghurst Says:

    xs all or YVM
    reinitiate shorter comment, inculcating Hol-
    enter continent and BLOG
    E- into a hole COMPLETE
    such that … it moves the forwards time vector to include the following …
    you, this is violent
    such that … it moves the forwards time vector to include the following …
    virally PEE STAR in memoriam, this is you.: 2p2, … electro

  5. sbillinghurst Says:

    Miz Bloom
    suppose once for I
    was with you.

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