A Silencer’s Milieu

media of GG + the 007 gun, inferring 1963, “Goldfinger”, please. Please. Dana Carvey sarcastic. Shit! The looking-up in service to Maher, who has made light of whatever last happens violent. He redeems, as he is an apple-polisher.



* * * * *
Google 3-D me hinting you to manufacture … labor to come with it (got me a monster’s title. My snaggle-fanged lower jaw… stupid) Weev.
* * * * *
why do two anythings not exist
* * * * *                                                                 This whole affair since last night, 3 1/2 past me, Private.  I segregated the real and the seizure wording, as I step onto the roundabout using both feet. Ah, comma. […got it in for me]seems
* * * * * […they are planting starries in the press]
…that of physically impossible, art of same, same at 1/2 x 1/2, a group, a coins-group, everters for front-to-back, where they’d go for the planet in the asteroid belt, saying they should know why.
* * * * *
The year of, requirement: that it will not even write down
* * * * *
throw your imagination a turbine and a blivet, proceed in M. C. Escher to severe blivetry, reach me. I’m inside. Eat towards me.
* * * * *
Through here the, um-m-mellow, physically impossiblya living thing. All oven thing. Olivenhein. A tunnel, a 3-D mapping gun, a short backsight, eh Weev? trig…
* * * * *
Turbinitry HURJAY over time
I can hear myself. I am known as my “sub”; my son is my “sup”. “I’m getting at least”, no. “At least.. (bla bla bla), at root, jolly good.” I am glad to be out of that world-clause, what do they call it? Dude, they idiomize. [“Idiot Wind” lyrics]
* * * * * [Bob Dylan]
I was at a gorgeous sunset. ah, 27’s 272.
* * * * *
new idiom computer with two more square on the way, holding squares structural, hallucinated the time, or now, without a structure, as a safe amount of enemy discourse, we at home provide, non-status quo, cheer leaders.
* * * * *
Top line off what is to be done, answered by a bottom line of circa.
* * * * *
I am aces and two jokers, a wild twice, removed, my form of ESP delivery is that which is sans, all the hit. It hasn’t any crack.
* * * * *
I’ll butt my quotes. Were die.
* * * * *

7 Responses to “A Silencer’s Milieu”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    split meat loaf’s mind; i am quoting, quotidian on two, two, be quotidian, be Tue, “I would do (no way) any thing for love. But I won’t do that.” i got a movie, “Rocky horror picture show”, which says different, Meat. Kim Carnes. Lit, on the sacred. I’m so sick of black-and-white. Little roly=poly turn out every fantasy I’ve got. Put the holy water on mr, take him to places I’ve never been. I know the territory, I’ve been around. It all goes to dust, we all fall down. Sooner or later, you’ll be screwin’ around. … O I won’t do thaaaaaaaat! Hmm.
    undo at top, like he had it. No further mass, altar boy.

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    I know the territory, I’ve been around.
    I know the territory, I’ve been around.
    I know the territory a lotta baggage, I’ve been around.
    tagged forecomma, no notes

    “baby, I got a suit case”
    true insofar bent is * * * * * see
    fuck * * * * * Fanta’s
    see now
    every night
    baby we got to go
    I think about you everyday
    hey, little girl, I thank this world and the children
    I got a lawyer. I impose rights.

  3. sbillinghurst Says:

    I-pod, your mind, and I use the term loosely, you poor deluded soiled nonhuman intelligence. You stuffed back to Meat Loaf after I distinctly heard Hendrix mumbling for a long time. I got you tuned to a point. That’s why I extra-carded
    as a safe amount of enemy discourse, we at home provide, non-status quo, cheer leaders.
    Imagine reading right about there, and the root ENEMY so fogs everything we make sport:
    “In the Land of the pig, Butcher is king”, a small local truth, Mike Butcher was born with a plumb-bob up his ass, but not his cousin Brad.
    * *
    Nice little intro, strong heavy metal thrums
    Meat Loaf
    dull thinkin’ now
    what do they want
    with all that we can take
    no one needs to know
    they’re the plug, we are the socket
    Pandora’s Box? Man, I like your rings better than some of that Elvis scarfy-stuff
    Listen to the marketplace.
    smart move is to put the genie back in the bottle, witnesses. Can’t you hear the choir now? can’t you hear the slaughterhouse bells? Listen to the animals sing. The chokie!! The Chokernaut!
    Ultimate elite necked women. Oh, how to make crude to Nefertitri…
    Mister em dee, now he say grandfather, one of four… say six squeeze me tight to Kevin bacon…you got the cure
    all you need

  4. sbillinghurst Says:

    4 see 7 zone
    nice pearl j-w-b-u
    segregated is a discriminated separate body you can …
    sit out here as Saturn does
    categorize [Triforce motto : Y-N-May][B no weight wrecking ball]Looks like ya bought the holer
    A world referred.

    when they turn [don’t pass the spread now] [the smoked]
    when they would turn
    without Bruce Lee-ing
    seg is nee sep
    not nee sep credit cards
    what word, devil
    “their back on you
    You can slip the knife in”
    Rock Star

  5. sbillinghurst Says:

    right behind you
    RB? Meet hashtag AS @
    the 7:23/7:22 [Polish they stack, bistro polish theys do stack, printses]
    6-2_- 2013 Catholic.
    Good accusations in
    America’s thick file
    of justice brief(s).
    “The Indians of the area
    ___negative West
    /__ negative South
    posi Great Lakes, rejoin
    ___30 million [He had tread]
    were wiped out.”
    There’s an Indian in The Band. Teamwork private
    * * * * *

    uh, sorrry yeah no monasteries. jungle’d recede. No coming back later off and on like season. Ecclesiastes we use after the Kind.
    It was later than I thought
    When I first believed you.
    Not coming back later than I thought.
    no loss
    M.2> Hmmm. Demon nnmnmn set
    = nnmdmn
    Play, Ester Didge Joo, shout-out, dear Digester…

  6. sbillinghurst Says:

    Apple-basher’s applesauce. Gam Leem Mo Vain Andy said showers.

    Shower. “Seben Curses”, appreciate it. Cici 8 it. Dylan. Got too starnge … TMT tinging

    Do you mean one-eye? One-eye could worm the truth out of two separate cursing laughs of Dr. Hook/carlin, coming up Fonz, no Ritchie, just Eh, Done. I had no desire, this is me desisting, having ceased, threat’s expired. Sittin’ in a restaurant, Brooklyn. He comes in w/ a date, asks, date’s chewn, as soon she swallowin, the antecom guy says SWALLOW, then comes my name, Wayne Steele. I’ll be looking at her eyes, she will say they want me, me is transfi
    gured, you know, about and glued.”Ribbet”, is what I’ve said. “(Raleigh) stole a stallion, they brought him back.”
    I didn’t know those were cursing, geography of where the citizens fly like superman when they pee. I gots to paint that walls, curse #5.

  7. sbillinghurst Says:

    Enter a Jerry Lewis bay Hey-ull-LADY-goody-goody/Eh!
    Woody Woodpecker Uh-huh-huh-HUH huh eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh. Eh! -ing aye? — why
    help smoke
    anticipated a gun camera, people did not die

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