Colorado Looking For Somebody?

Tender are the under cover.

Tender are the under cover.



For detecting what’s the inside (drivin’ me insane.  Teller, dispense what is sane.) & strictly why __ (Time is all that we got.  You got a lot less than me, and 6 + c. nil is  =  “N”, now more: much blind.  No ‘mo.) band conduction (ie gold’s, eg Feinstrinium, honey, S + N, bind second’s character’s COME lined, quantity or all you can do.   Less lied.) second, exclusion first

@ turbotac–

a take-off ____ ie

tunnel  _

(where can U be?)

eg led to ____



diamond-link, space it’s too wide for me, wire knot …

(Bend Down Low)

Perry White.  I’m box light green, darker.

(Aqua’s (-SEB))

BEARD BTW dances

Lepton has to understand Cuban, walkin’ in sin.

9 Responses to “Colorado Looking For Somebody?”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    keep on knockin’, but you can’t come in.
    I get to understand you been livin’ in fear
    I weep you love me, woman, walk right in.
    I’ve got a notch for your safety-pin,
    But bend down low.hooo Let me tell you what I know
    But bend down low… /fadeout/

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    Keep Us Warm A F.B.I.

  3. sbillinghurst Says:

    Copy guy is Nero god damn lonely law.

  4. sbillinghurst Says:

    VIP of my environment ‘n math aptitude:

    no clue

    You’re Yankees.

  5. sbillinghurst Says:

    Chris Lehmann
    Instead of criminalizing journalism, a healthy society would de-legitimize whatever it is that David Gregory is doing.

    As one cannibal said to another, “Does this clown taste funny to you?”

  6. sbillinghurst Says:

    the whole democradic state knows
    Steve Billinghurst

    12:10 PM (0 minutes ago)

    to me
    y fall one he describes as the backdrop of “Dome Day,” which is how residents of Chester’s Mill refer to the day the dome arrived. As he drove, it was hard not to get the feeling that an alien structure could descend at any moment.


    Ne’t Pae Y

    This article had been tvvisted to reflect the following correction:

    Correction: June 22, 2013
    An earlier version of this article misstated the title of a novel by Stephen King. It is “11/22/63” — so named because the book deals with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, one of the most momentous events in American history. The book is not
    Kayodi, Dean of Greenlans

    2 of 1,027

    Why this ad? – Get smarter, think faster – Train your brain with Lumosity, the personal trainer designed by scientists. Try a free workout!
    (no subject)
    Steve Billinghurst

    Jun 21 (2 days ago)

    to me
    1 better is snappy.
    __S__R __N__R
    I would wish to wend a story from this to there. I don’t need “wish to wend”, in there, not I was. Categorically, albeit waxed, being eleven in Fall, 1963 ‘s arc follows Fritsch after one of a set of endpoints I carded that blue Fall I couldn’t drink. I’d taken Boone’s Farm STBY Hill. He standed middlin’ fifth’s sen-sen chewin’ welterweight. “Stephen Billinghurst, I saw your smiling face.” I digress. Angel aught share a copier full of my globular buttock spread around her head like Rohrschatt duct traipse test. Wait for awhile as this tearing sound reminds you. Lone wolf through words tells.

  7. sbillinghurst Says:

    Narrator: Now, “You Probably Think This Song Is about You” and a trip back to the early 60’s in Montreal to meet a young dancer married to Armand, a handsome sculptor. She became the muse of dozens of Beat poets but for one, Leonard Cohen, she became extra special.

    Suzanne takes you down
    to her place near the river
    you can hear the boats go by
    you can spend the night beside her
    And you know she’s half crazy

    Suzanne: The Beat scene was beautiful. It was live jazz and we were just dancing our hearts out for hours on end, happy on very little. I mean we were living, most of us, on a shoestring. Yet, there was always so much to go around, if you know what I mean. You know, there was so much energy and sharing and inspiration and pure moments and quality times together on very little or no money.

    Saunders: Do you remember exactly when you met Leonard Cohen? Where were you that night, do you remember?

    Suzanne: It was maybe several months into my relationship with Armand, which was mostly based on being dancing partners together. And he would watch us dancing, of course. And then I was introduced to Leonard at Le Vieux Moulin, I think in the presence of Armand, in fact. But we didn’t really strike a note together until maybe three or four years later.

    Saunders: So Leonard Cohen saw you when you were a young girl in love?

    Suzanne: Oh very much so. He got such a kick out of seeing me emerge as a young schoolgirl I suppose, and a young artist, into becoming Armand’s lover and then wife. So, he was more or less chronicling the times and seemingly got a kick out of it (laughs).

    Saunders: When did you then strike up this friendship that Leonard Cohen describes in song?

  8. sbillinghurst Says:

    20000537 is a prime number! And, same as just after I said it wasn’t, too. 2000537 was not prime, of course 4-bys are deified, well-driven, into a well, like a fuck-devil I creased for its overwrought sex. I’m rooting and hot for steer-blind additive sense: 41 + 2 =
    43. 43 +4 = 47. 47 + 6 = 53. I’m awaiting the excess vicious four-divisible members of this line I can re-organize as a set I de-Scott. From an integer, whichever absolute it is, close away or far away.

    8:22:28, … floated a task. Abrupt is all I can call the fallacy. Leave time. 82228, commit to badge widge marely, 82228/4 = 07 —> 30 bands 37, algorithm quitter name-justice slams all to one side, and
    7 x 11 x 25981 = 2000537 somehow or OR error. 200537 whump! Rooster tailor straight randomly = 23 x 8719, 23 backwards is the 8 you subtract before the 10 you subtract, that’s this year 13, then twelve from, that’s one, then 14 from is 13 sort of.

    20537 = 11 x 1867. That way USA, in time, say, recovering from the War, from them OR, dead and how far back the fingers were bent.

    The story of Suzanne Snowden in identity figures…

    43 x 59 = 2537

    It either remoras me or… it runs zeroes around things instead of time.

    = 11 x 1867.

    The datum for this experiment is forty-three (#43). It’s about. The next prime after the one before 20537 is 20543.

    What I do as a human is to soak it where I wrang all the wonder I can get out of neutrals.

  9. sbillinghurst Says:

    To jot: My reply to “Is (POST title) true?” Tut. I used the word CLABBERED. It’s too bella. Eight classic. It meant for me as a teen this confusion of ideas under a restriction of laws. It must be english, which is my star language. It must accord the time, a stellar dischord, another teen word. In my peculiar signoff, I am Tony Montana’s, “Look at you now!” And then, the argument is to continue to promote the controlling influence one supposedly has. SLAVES CAN STILL BE CONNECTED BY AN INTERNET.

    Tony isn’t one of us.

    Snowden’s path to Ecuador would have gone through Cuba, which said little about the case all week, including whether it would have allowed him to use its territory to transit.

    Cuban leader Fidel Castro praised Correa’s rejection of U.S. trade pressure, expressing his “sympathies” for the Ecuadorean leader in a Sunday editorial in the state press.

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