Purple Eyes of Indiscriminant Count

I do not know any especial writers and the ordinary english stops at Glenn Greenwald.  I am like a rabbit.  I thought.  No, I am human, but with tramp …turning off the Grateful Dead.  That reminds me, þe over sent tasks.  Graver.

In a related development, I am telling Dionysus I stayed up until four, and Erevone will stay up half-past what he stayed up.  Bedtime’s ten.  Queer anxious can stay up.  Wiping with the flexibility to schedule next is the purpose mark iv…

>>He went off.  O

Mark, for this room folds like the strong words.  How many songs c’n u shake a stick at?  By the way,  I have a joke,

stories.  I examined beaver teeth, and each one with a separate warranty for the jaw. Stop shakin’ the tambourine.

Melvin Belli of San Francisco was so poisonous for the high-profilers.  All he was was a vest.  One thing is close together after

soused on television, and — big guys — if I could slip — that the rug pulled out from under, but no.  Not with … beliefs I can’t

see and that chair, that high chair, oilment from the cloisters. I just can’t keep going on,

troll the heavies.

You watch the splines spitting high tension wires, Dad.  Just point the nose of the our airplane of the naked and pull the triggers for arc 44444444444444444444444444444444444444











My Dad sandwich cast-off from the beaches…



tumblr_m6428gOa1W1rt3zrlo1_250 untitled when i am six feet under ground... piece by piece until ...
…towering over your head.
090901-F-1234S-001 LIVE MAGAZINE ONLY



stars can be let dow- wow wow woof wow-woah

stars can be let dow-
wow wow woof wow-woah

bombs imagesCACQT64S Dresden After the Bombing F4U_Corsair_World_War_Two_Plane you put it away_u_had_put_it_away__this_is a mans world

she can make it happen

she can make it happen


 show me how to be whole again

show me how to be whole again

Why is it every time I turn on my television set those voices in my head … operators are standing by … eəvesdrop at the separate entrance? Nobody’s going to sweat me. There could have been a cause. People have a hard-on for putting on a clown suit. I see you sifting the fit. You aren’t laughing. You are putting arms

on from — through the pants. Slide over the bruise.


3 Responses to “Purple Eyes of Indiscriminant Count”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    …you were meant to be here. Type ampersand ### semicolon. Guess, you see. &254;. Come back and-it is hard guitar? Come-back…in, we comeback echoes backin’. Kindly … from the beginning.

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    They get up every mornin’
    …Alarm clock’s warnin’
    Those are Ps
    The Causality: I want Ss.

    @TruthIzSexy I cherry clean sweet. Bunches.

    #Anonymous For Love Truth & Justice Love With All Your Heart & Pickaxe All Fucktards #Christian

    I got plenty. Take good care of my fakir. This is an invitation. I do not have a VIN when one asked 1 the answer stop.

  3. sbillinghurst Says:

    following were abbreviations during Middle and Early Modern English using the letter thorn:
    – (þe) a Middle English abbreviation for the word the
    – (þt) a Middle English abbreviation for the word that
    – (þu) a rare Middle English abbreviation for the word thou (which was written early on as þu or þou)
    (ys) an Early Modern English abbreviation for the word this
    – (ye) an Early Modern English abbreviation for the word the
    – (yt) an Early Modern English abbreviation for the word that

    Modern English [edit]

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