I need one after to tell Mark R. Twain what to cue.  I wish there was something real.  Yeah, I guess one of my days will get us round for now. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\ giant sawtooth Bwana … it’s purple…all they got …since 1996…Hey Ed.  I got a white wine!

Prepare them for the butt-whoopin’ they are about to receive!

I submit the lay-me-down-to ‘s

they gonna be …under a clothesline!

Psalm 23

They’ll be..


sheet metal


hammer throw

I cussed.  It don’t count, so do not double-star this, Steve. Close


I am not busy.  I am preparing some words at last.


span up to it, by pages, by letters.


I would … a child is not really laid to sleep.  I mean, it is a breadbox.  It does not fold.  You clip it in…


I ha-Excel must be strong.  I mean me.  That’s be the one whose “I” Microsoft.


_ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ BRUISING.

“Seven days” -Dylan.  That is rare.  I have it in one line.  I am counting my database DB-PETIT.  Rejected parenth.  i. I am bound to hear by choice.  I love noise.  I am bound to hear by choices.  They shuffle.  I am bound to hear by chives, atherting my … goin’ again cornfed. i.  I am bound at one end by the thing I must not be able to lose.  That is comforting for the fact. i.  I am a liar.  Rebound is all we crave.  That would pretty much prove it.  None of the readership would do it for the rebound.  I am machine-Munsoned via Susskind.  Put inert all that theory by Cantankerous Boss.  Hawking is game-centered and stock mind only what it grasps.  He sits, not advancing the wilding BES.  Or I won’t use lucky the same way.  Lucky the arm target.  Neglect.

Do people reload?  I agree but that’s it-it helps to be tethered to ammunition.  The foes on alpha itself can’t be simultaneously 150,000 characters.


It’s falling.  One is falling on two.  I’ll stay with the …Jan 4, 2012 – The typographical symbol dagger (†) has several meanings. the starts my sentence.  I burned myself on that.  The pieces are unrecognizable.

_ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ BRUISING.

Bruise is.  What day 1/7.

Fuck ways to spell out five.  Those five are a sunk basket.

Our cookie is my cupcake.

Ess and Ess Ess will SL

SL riNicholas bath TC

Now I’m loster.  I raise

You a SCRM lie AX man Nam






I did not know what is-it was before, capslock was on before.


ii. No B&

iii. No moot in archives

iv. I do my banking online.


I have 20%

o. some






Ghana, and, is there anyone else I reach by machine?

Quest Dior.  Mojura moran, Her.  Jury arrain tstetses T for testy indigenous rulers?

Should SURI Bach?  You are a potential hates Bob M.  Hike, heil your argument is invalid under sub:

tallymarks 180px-Bastos_Knave_spanishdeck stock-illustration-10481209-playing-card-jack-or-knave-of-hearts


come up pance
A computer is defining my last few mistakes Thermopylae monopoly aground while I OOO.

11 Responses to “☥Breakout”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    8:47. When you put two people together, they fall in love. In love when they wake up is what I mean. With socks they do not give you a pair. Oh. I learned something about a gross. Two kinds of socks provide the moral to death. Meanwhile, we conspire to wake up with twos. It was a two-thirty I can buss more. GThe bus has arrived. In my lane is justice using this side of you two buses’ guise.

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    We do not feel the time with loved ones.

  3. sbillinghurst Says:

    I am looking for my woman. The police have
    a deuce
    i have a pair of jacks
    surely they have a pair of jacks
    Please do not dishonor or disrespect your elders.
    NanKing, staplegun, sneg-genera-Linn.Took it from a grape to grapes
    …from a two-comment limit, or a one-to-two, call ’em back the limit: Pictura Dorian Greg. The castle has a Gray, you get a gray, this is obvious. Who’s your Greg, Bob’s your Greg, thus Bob’s your uncle, and S is swimming.
    I’be lookin’ faw my woman, de po-leese say-
    my, we face break out
    skip totally
    on no OKAYs no FACE is all that.
    I do not got love to go. I said goodbye
    Goodbye, Muldoon.
    I__ do not got love to go.
    Up high
    I–do not got love to go.
    That’s heavy.
    Shrishy’s in a slump.
    Fregge name her next child.
    Goodnight, Mr. Toody.
    on no
    un no
    no un
    From where we from we got no goodnights to go.
    Lost them.

  4. sbillinghurst Says:

    Join the plastic jet in a flat top spin. Eta, psychically, we may elect to sue, as there exist people we have suits in on, let us impose suit strength. If I have no strength in one, I still have it in others. My nonrandom suit strength is ‘hey mazel-‘, ten clear. Throne is it open throne it open, so. Here see when we like it coccooned. I have no anger just about the time noses in my envir-o- huhst, sucka. hnnnnn-do, related to thieves* becoming wavelinear my mining equipment or my, my…lit-tle minefield. Poofium and fie.
    Where I will be is related to the transfer of my nonrandom anger, although my angry wry times themselves are deeply brushed and blotted out like Hester’s Vorheep, whoever is in charge of her giant letter A. Do I get a prize? The task is on, Manning takes all those.
    Other home bases as well as human generations take on the willies 75%^ on whether a major suit with householder or joke–you calls…
    You rang? Thanks, Thing. Thank-you.

    Whatever is up here has four sums, such that one is not too cool, “OK?”
    Go two-five worser __X__X__X__X__X/ polynom. borders Q4 Q3
    because armed evenly backwards can not arm 3rd. Southwest to you, cnap AM wind in East, and Esterly it is, picking off… seriously.

    _*. Sparing ones sharing a border, the last two stars didn…
    i have sues in on different deselected frog-pickle-frog half sues on two
    break up the money using an ice pick
    people are snogged together melted on it
    Bleeze do not burn my hn-house down to get my money
    goodbye money
    *you gotta go. 2:14 lock up

  5. sbillinghurst Says:

    navigation, search

    Hanny’s Voorwerp (English pronunciation: /ˈhɑːn.nis ˈvoʊr.wærp/), Annie’s Candleabra, Dutch for Hanny’s object,[16181224] is an astronomical object of unknown nature. It was in 2007 bye Dutch school teacher Hanny van Arkel, while she was Paul. Lunteer in the Galaxy Zoo project. Photographically, it appears as a bright blob close to spiral.

  6. sbillinghurst Says:

    I don’t do HNC any more print AGENT now, like whose word. Print? Okay, okay dog. Just let me back up. I get packed up to leave me, an’ lawd n-
    now yer all pact up t o l e a ve me an’ de lord knowwwwws, somethin’ by. vt
    VT. Some watery Viet-playin’ nightman, sapper, satchel-chargin’ man. Man is named after Bietman, also flower. All ub me nights, I am goin’ tawkraeiie, but may I cd stand, standit bettr, baby if your cold, cold flour fridgerates right here too. Now I can heaon an’ at cn keep crying. Owing PUN is best puns-uh-t. Picked it up in Pocatello, Billing hurs hye-wye-meant you meant? Lived and be heard-of, law. Two cents and reaction you only hear… AI out of a carload of Aieeeee distorts-Q the Blue, Mrs. and Mrs. Elvis and his Aaron self, more to this pic.

  7. sbillinghurst Says:

    Pste of covering up stuff, rag of paste of stuff in the past or future
    star-belting ING?
    Take us bridge
    the bridge has to have a handle
    size the r-blot to white
    pale gree sparkles
    dark green
    lasers shot
    they are green
    C-140 leaflet hints placed
    the handle-bridge toroidnoise on one island, the first stars that
    handle-prong toothbrush
    I’m leading!

    So you did not have anyplace to hide anything for any lenth time
    Is outfield opaque
    so come into our smell 16 one is it wonder than izzit…
    SO WE|
    _ _ _ _|
    _ _ _ _ |419
    apparently crossover to become others beginning with rent graft split splint.
    rent shit raft, get awoke
    _________| 416

  8. sbillinghurst Says:

    Entropy H(X) (i.e. the expected surprisal) of a coin flip, measured in bits, graphed versus the fairness of the coin Pr(X=1), where X=1 represents a result of heads.

    Note that the maximum of the graph depends on the distribution. Here, at most 1 bit is required to communicate the outcome of a fair coin flip (2 possible values), but the result of a fair die (6 possible values) would require at most log base two of six.
    Log to the base of an unfair alphabet.
    How all occasions do inform against me and spur my dull revenge!
    Hamlet spittin’ in Hamlet 4/4..
    My God! Everything I see shows me how wrong I am and tells me to hurry up with my revenge.
    ***** Knows no Shakespeare.

    I’ll soon be with you my love,
    To give you my dawn surprise.
    dull (adj.) 1 dead, hideous, sluggish, inactive
    dull (adj.) 2 bored, uninterested, inattentive
    dull (adj.) 3 gloomy, melancholic, sullen
    dull (adj.) 4 dim, not sharp, lacking keenness
    dull (adj.) 5 insensitive, incapable of sensation
    dull (adj.) 6 obtuse, stupid
    dull (adj.) 7 [unclear meaning] sleep-inducing, soothing, producing drowsiness
    dull (adv.) heavily, deeply
    dull (v.) 1 make dreary, take the edge off
    dull (v.) 2 bore, make weary, be tedious to
    dull (v.) 3 stupefy, satisfy to the point of slothfulness
    dull (v.) 4 make undiscerning, make insensitive
    Tit II.iii.195 [Quintus to Aaron] My sight is very dull, whate’er it bodes
    TS Induction.i.22 [First Huntsman to Lord] Belman … twice today picked out the dullest scent

  9. sbillinghurst Says:

    What my injective theorem for ESP requires is i. That the uiniverse is stuck for any other place but reality to test out our own mazelike math results, ii. To pour out that golden entropy kinaesthetically requires clouds of competing intelligence in a drift, shooting out lesser intelligences at all angles, or, I am saying so since clairvoyant examples are fit with timelines of dissolute behavior remarkable for its renown as a rather brittle form of madness. You know who we are referring to here. That golden buzz crap, the trance crap, and the long hair and love beads, are trappings. Where are the nails of extreme punishment? According to a new account published online on Wednesday, a 26-year-old Kentucky man named Deric Lostutter has outed himself as KYAnonymous and provided a written account of an FBI search on his property in Winchester, Kentucky in April 2013. The search marks the latest in a string of occasions where members of Anonymous have been unmasked, pled guilty, or been otherwise caught for their actions online. They’re Richard Threlkeld.
    LOST u t t ER
    I said I was loster. If I said I was no, all no, or a me, you’d head inside. If I had said I was Luster, or that I was lost, a loaded turn-joint, referring the utterer back to here, worked.

    Ess and Ess Ess will SL

    SL riNicholas bath TC

    Now I’m loster. I raise

    You a SCRM lie AX man Nam


  10. sbillinghurst Says:

    Is it the man come to take me away?
    Why do they follow me?
    It’s not the future that I can see,
    It’s just my fantasy

    Oh…Who can it be now?
    I kind of see the future; the logic is dispelled for the good of man that you can’t use your needle to bust that bubble.

    For the reason that this comment and the last comment are too close together in time for the narrow band of radio time. It developed a shout-out. Many alternate realms of time exist, for it was time I said a set a path, son, for Mexican Hat sundown.

    Is it white powdered drugs come to take me away, melted in a ladle in Stockton? My parents room with the venetian blinds and tying off with mother’s nylon myth is a good one. I own the precious twink with the razor cuts in l’orange sauce.

  11. sbillinghurst Says:

    There’s also no more’s just today at about the cowboys’ San Onofre, our marvelous mausoleum. I do not have this “SCRM (Safety Control Rod Ax-Man)”, thirty-eight up to go on, forty-five, 75 it was, 1& dinol bi%, 1%, 2&, 3%, 4%, 5%, around there…busted claven 99%, 98% , a mu the big boys? Fail timers. It could have been let on. Time split up many ways, so split up, travel. Come in on the Amtrak from Frisco, Shelly and Mark departing down from the huge train. You’re already red. Are the typical passengers not rattling around like phosphorescent ghosts mad with hunger, eating from machines, all alone at 3:12 AM… Eritrean cabs outside? Not they, plume-all-alone. The area has pigeons. Somoan cabs. Ah, it’f fo nifes.
    How did Shakespeare write if Latin was messed up? Because Shakespeare for kicks combined three languages at any time, his English with latin and the turban. Normal people can not think in the small amounts of time in between getting kited or …what twit used to mean. To twit is a verb, a sheleighlah. Once your normals are gilt and do no thinking, the “football” or economic engine, is what becomes tightly bound in tear-jerking ethical rot. In figures, it is easy to see the way Washington, D. C. will follow Rome. It is now harpooned and floundering, paying the man who shot up Fort Hood $300,000. Taking it in the shorts for bue. I’m not in the bruise Fort Upday. I am an addict. What I have to show you caused a panic. Don’t woory ’bout Pa.

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