Lebsbia Like Kebsbia KJP


Stoned aware-bring some change, bring some alcohol-of pig living arrangements? Forward, I promise. Play the deep pipe organ trance.

You’re a blonde. Never comin’back. Vew-wy fanny pack is still. Suckin’on a Nehi. Helpless. Blaming East on life. East really does not generalize. Night is one dark time.

We are cotton
candy blame
we Alan-Parsons
the bulls are runnin’rough-’round
Ammonia Anvenue
Electric Avenue
City of Cudahy
City of Bell
Are We Vet-Blind?
Murder me.
I’ll murder you.
Murders, Moppie-2d
(war was first)
City of South Gate, this
song is by L
A. C. A.

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