From Bacon To Bacon

Steven abscounded, esè.  He has spells and therafter inhales pure liquid saran wrap.  He is recovering from both consequences.


Lawless, the... Desire For Eternity

Lawless, the…
Desire For Eternity







look at it





In the event this is a six, the ciphers just read “1776”.  Have you got a second yo-yo? -SEB

Vesuvia's Vohongas

Vesuvia’s Vahongas


2 Responses to “From Bacon To Bacon”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    Sally Ride, come out to do less time than Turing for homosexuality.
    Turing, starting…

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    Caught, dang is snuff muh, mu , mmm 1/2. 1/2! Plead, plead’s II. I fucked and I whiffed ass in my time (if you’ll refer to your chart), ignore this comment, shure. Tur raml rhe foss…walter…et tu, “Bruce Willis”, Walter_B. Step out.

    I had my feelings hurt on Twitter, sir. I will impose upon you by calling your office. You are a slowpoke. I cannot reach the postcard evidence for your investigator. My wrist is caught.

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