Games Drugs Play

I’d come across idiom.  To seemed-real, it stinks, integers.  I’d it.  Press V, snot.  Wts ur hurry?  You don’t pause at six-thirty eight, but imagine if you’d a crawl for thirty-eighth uphill…UU/I/We lost the fight song.  Is Rock ‘n Roll nor any entertainment not apolitical?  Of course it is.  If drugs were not palpably part of every attempt at phrasing that is there, perhaps.  Work second crud demonization second par sub, no.  You created it.  It tastes like card board.

Thrum Of Love

to thrum
speak, repeat, or recite in a monotonous tone of voice; drone.


2000 AD

jealousy _|_ ? _| ‘s ass |

Ci, let me have what you are writing with.  Hey self.  Had enough of livin’.

major growth of second head


3741 Mack Sattu

I’m made of who twinned

my head cut neat

I’m branching

yours the open

neck the news a dowel

hands up the second

head out of an open

shirt.  The wind pol-____________  cosextreme

itic max turn.


Kiriakou (I hate you)



3 Responses to “Games Drugs Play”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:


  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    Zink put it Yayo* For oh you will bam into it wasting “your” oil. I declare,
    Your oil. Aren’t he our neighbor? Be a rest. Oh, previous to getting arrested? “Hitler isn’t Saddam, Sawyer and Opie running into one neck”. You don’t saunter by aand assert the authority to arrest Kendrick back well in the eye before. Pre-zinc:

    Carlo put it Yaqui
    idiom rush
    men’s panties quickly become tights
    Ossified, Mark, civilization quickly
    murders Gianni Versace
    cults spring up
    we let ’em
    contrary to belief
    our coats are bad
    our coats are binding
    fashion needs expression
    thought it wouldn’t do?
    * i. Notional Godlike psychic cocaine predestination Andean delusion during cocaine rocket pajama phase.

  3. sbillinghurst Says:

    Pen dead.

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