P-go’s associations’re jem ripping out some green pot plants and Dowry disgusted I had matches.  A simple step out of these panties, and a lighter anyway, pirrouetting; I think of it as atmospehic blues and greens, not the midget lighter.  Her purse was open, I took my eyes off it.  I did not need it.  Rough to read, but the nose almost broke.  The big thing is I was doing different things.  Nothing but t, you feed the ducks.he bun is ated, you feed the ducks.

988 is the spaces of the numbers of letters I "sent".

988 is the spaces of the numbers of letters I “sent”.

(I’m Stuck In A Pagoda With) Tricia Toyota Lyrics – Dickies
I came home one night tuned my T.V. in
my favorite show was about to begin
as I was scanning across the dial
I saw her read the news with delectable style
Then I was sure that within a while

I was Stuck
Stuck in a pagoda
with Tricia Toyota
I’m Stuck
We were watching Abe Vigoda
then every thing will be fine

Later that night we went for a drive
and I can say I never felt more alive
taking in the sights of old Tokyo
with Tricia by my side and money to blow
I knew then I never wanted to let her go
Always in a daze Always in a dream
Always find that things are not what they seem
A little Asian Goddess came from up above
I thank you NBC for sending my love
And Tricia is the one I’ve been dreaming of
“Timothy Leary’s dead. No, no ,no, he’s outside, looking” here-( When, …)
Some One Took My Darling Daughter on






4 Responses to “P-Go”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    What do you think your little three laws are? Force me to think about it for long…
    L68872689L, not Abe’s.
    ***&J to set you to explode an explosion, poking a hole
    as I live , so in a world of objects. Hmm…
    i. It was no. I must post sometime. ii. I must post to use the poster. #1 Shutt tup. iii. If you go too (17^2 shotokan holes)…
    Nope pwnt. I am the whale. Can I shoot this princess? Gib me, can I? iv. Buoddakan (Boo-OH-Dock-in), naminy no H-Hour? How slight dims to slim. Slim stands well, much better, betty, 2 fawns, ft.. Thash not Frank Sinatra. Hey, thats ‘n Farnk, either. v. Albert Hall.
    Pour a beer out for me, we’ll see who’s loose.

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    el datetime=”2013-05-27T17:31:32+00:00″>DDNA
    Alright, brown-b-nosers-e-what made them sing?-t-sue-t-where-y
    Legal, put it, up., Them. The R first hole is to forget and accept a plan
    I hate every R I see. Typically, I do not put many. Typically, I shall piss on your desk with you sittting on the couch or behind -try it again-the desk. Second, these Rite-Aid receipts are two, there’s a show. Now, from the hole, let the word caught out be revealed, the veldt putt oppen any. Venn, R Paint.
    Up (c^8)
    Times New Roman import exp w/9: Ę
    10Ę9=1 000 000 000. Don’t smoke. If you have them, esé.
    ***&jJ. Wderp werp gone nems
    The most exten—
    I’ve been thinking all day long…
    That’ll be alright…
    meaning to send
    peer array Whittier 1989
    ([peer array Wh____ 1987)] Guidry
    Donut—. eleven^th
    hole – ctr,
    saltshaker. Dig it.
    What’s next to it? Next to that…

  3. sbillinghurst Says:

    Do you frees?
    Flat-out gerbil in a mess?
    Can-Can Dancer in a Honkey-Tonk?
    Back to the gerbil
    oh, gerbil out-be back
    dance a step?
    floor wrap.

    Are ween all weerk
    R we in ah huit?
    Eu claire
    Manis mensun. Gnu
    Socks! Peter pan…
    ETTANIAT LIVE NGA ………….sound effects
    N E V O S E A L R N T H A Y L
    *& eeeeee
    KAN in the Buddokan, still saying CON, for this reality, whoops. Did not mean to break off the leding edge, nerd2. The confidence game of reality had been buster small part.
    knights in white satin, another song accorde The Dickies “Stolen by The Moody Blues”
    mastered by mastered cunts cunts mastered
    ozzy osborn
    Jackson Brown
    * One lighty

  4. sbillinghurst Says:

    Enlightenment would know if your Regge trajectories thinking I wish to lose the future and the past, created here in the massless endpoints of a superstring. Its vibrating patterns to us are lee and a subtracted world.

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