Ran Damocles


U N K S I T T I T   H U S M L Y F I T

C O M S N O S CR   E V E I N G S 20

E W R T C O E DI    N W H I T S 11G

I T E R R E B L E   E E N I T I L E N E


JUNK come writers its not correct its credible thus even when i am lying (a huge weight is lifted off ), it still fits 2011 gene-

eral relativity in just premises and deductions…

cmd 4-1 add rear add @ p ungen (line slurper) Nanctuat10n lay, …

Bad one mour four,  ; ;  fleena Tryna-to Run

at Piza fifteen degrees

The line.


Here I am the towel a bill.  Why jury arrain…



7 Responses to “Ran Damocles”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    Die the wife of the right -ism a believer, …been writing long? I have a grasp of a name, Craig Shoemaker. But, I definitely wish I did not need to trail …I’ll steal it from Mom n’ be towards sane where they don’t catch you, for all the good it’ll do. I was before this rhinoceros ice cream friend and she is not Tootsie.

    whatsat lil girls name n whatre ur … r uncles’… from KY. pic up the foon ma… 3:45. this gon be a world record if i survive on hold…

    It’s true with us.

    ijl khgybrcd

    A list of items is a form learned in schools.VISHN DICZHNS

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    Resurrection is the trunk, i. Whereof we are totally out of some item, ii. Here when we are made out of something, these two similar to one of this delusional but salient thing. Two somethings, we edit a mathematical bridge.

  3. sbillinghurst Says:

    I forgot her name. She’s going through an existence over there. It’s pretty good for Mary Todd Lincoln. It is pretty sane, with nobody catching hell, but Ichabodrene sows forties. It’s getting me expressly nowhere in life, you see. If I get through this, I am looking at … this from an entertainment perspective. However, the zoo can dump me here, I mean the zookeepers.

  4. sbillinghurst Says:

    Col. Mustard Via Suicide In the Restaurant ______.com With An Atty We Went After
    updated zeroes
    9:45:56…IDEEF…Dude, if it was good, you’d be under a mountain of sevens of dwarfs. 7 oven D7. Seven nude prisoners piss their fig leaf with dagger clutches.

    Showing results in final bear for arraignment, not of anyone’s thrill arraignment or burning or hanging, or pwnt jury trial, &c. not equal, present. Still. Dullsville nullsville nils and Nebuchadnezzar, oghelia, it is that HAD. This sanity test does no stretching into coming in, inverse tune, not just spelling bee to see you make your alphabet. Einstein does this open chocolate.. Who is a mutt who cringes, or should I say polices off everybody’s mouth? They suicide in everyday restaurants*. Just stop the rituals and come in here and complain. He’s dividing up lobsters slices birthday cake, drizzles and sniffs.

    *Normalcy as they pullits wool over step your ippiltude eyes, dropping care are moh-ther is permanent. Yes, report provenance offy killed his mortyher Nezz. Now, we lead the trap’s hand none up to the lathe operator’s imnpose. His case? Familiarze his -ition on a facsimile of the protected person. Persons where a sucking chest wound is ending said donor’s life, are our answers for sanity’s dirty “seasons.”

    Just sort of thought of brains, fluffy like scrambled eggs, worked most likely into the carpet, where she deducted when to smartly deploy an umbrella,or swish it, then roams side-to-side, which worrier would not be a soft spot she had for killer. Any spot in the brain able to be a wad of evidence is-my shot now– me? Nope.–Ed is Whole sniffer. Do you think it would be smaller as just the switch triggered by a drop of water? Whose milk the juries, elite in Traggetty Island, with an alligator jury. I’m back: a pink cement island they sun and discuss. Oh, what open up and hiss?

  5. sbillinghurst Says:

    In desolate land, we create spot for it when we sell worn-out garments. “They not here”, welllll, fetching by the way ones pudenda declare a clearance radial to popouts. I woke up this morning and saw a group of thrteen magnesium flares turn around up on Row. The author is saying that Bramley is a written tool, not a writing tool. Choctaws know.

  6. sbillinghurst Says:

    Gay says I am human. Whaaaa-ed. I edit a BIG “wha-?” Humans are left bugs, hyumans I de-spise yew…savory pleasure to the man, “above whose impious head hangs a drawn sword (destrictus ensis)”. Cured of the …I cannot be cured. I was holding the script. What’s what dropped to the floor in Earth’s she-blog transport crawler leads ayes to prophecize with their penoes.

  7. sbillinghurst Says:

    My Mom, not Googler, was the only source. It popped out in hands constisting in knuck, and in tip-sucket! Shehezerade is Paula, ltl bean. Okay, well it’s Polly.

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