As Peter Pork Wops



One cannot help but compare the realities of MLK and St. Moses. On one hand we have a country that professes to be a land that recognizes the unalienable rights of every human person because they have been created equal and have been endowed by their creator with these unalienable rights. Yet this same country has suffered the blatant inequality of its peoples. It has tolerated slavery, it has tolerated institutionalized racism, it continues to tolerate the eradication of unwanted babies and throws the epithet of racist around like a tennis ball. On the other hand, the Church has been celebrating this black African saint for centuries. Given that within the synaxarion one can also find St. Peter the Aleut:

The Raw Nay Tress

among other saints from the brilliant rainbow of peoples throughout the world, the Church is way ahead of the United States — arguably the most liberty and equality loving country in history. Indeed, within the context of the Church Universal, one can see King’s dream become a reality.

2 Responses to “As Peter Pork Wops”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    Getting closer to me
    Driving your JETTA
    to the GENItal area
    JETTIAL, stimulation
    Peter, take a spanner to the puss.

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    22222222222222222222222222222 *JENITIAL*
    It just tatia second to prove it.
    It jetatia seconds to prove..
    Edutatia at most a minute.
    a most a minute
    “I almost remember their bloody faces”
    “Jet” -McCartney

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