W Pussed as in Vacuum

con trai cong vuông & mụ’c xύc tu

imagesCAAZD0Q5000000 character-thumb-squidward

2 Responses to “W Pussed as in Vacuum”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    Hari Kari Koi Koeen
    God save the queen
    she ain’t no human being
    eventually commandos put a bullet in every citizen
    get loose from the noose
    it is held over
    auto da fe
    avril le seize quatre papier thousand
    nymphs covered in vaseline
    icy queen
    these blues bluer future clean blue.

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    my queen of the acrobats
    shoots peas out her dirty asshole
    does a double back somersault
    and catches them on her tits

    I think it doltish and short
    under Pink Floyd. Doubling asps paired river
    backs off, garlic bread.
    Its Pink Floppy disk.
    eat frit paranoid no North Dakota
    North North
    travels less
    highway miles to California’s
    Twentynine Palins

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