1876 appendicitis 1923

On April-Truman_and_MacArthur 11(951) NKX_City_Short arthur-macarthur-iii-as-lieutenant-commander-photo-001

2 Responses to “****”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    Department of egg-appearin’barbaric medic due
    Bach, Escher-halt.
    We’ves been studying Kant-can’t fuck Girl Vinyl
    He was pulled down by the stone.
    He had crashed.
    Illumine, to jerk one’s thumb up delievered
    Of the afforded peck-
    ker tracks.
    i. You talk vose to the pussy.
    ii. The pussy brings.
    iii. Third.
    appendial happen

    Here about a scab pulled off.
    I had a delusion scared.
    Wish I could rust brown DLWWWTII

    Parametric Keats seven zon seven.

    A buck qua but because the insert forties eight never would side about aweighs deigner of another letter’s croupapaoun, down or up or give us your impression between hookey lawn and exponent.

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    Is exzcuse her cunt.
    They could not EUREKA us.
    They could not arrest me
    On a-
    ‘Bout to slip. Ahem owns till I am eihthy
    If I am eighty and still there in the rain.

    A germ of Bruce Lee would pound
    achilles heel juiced uphill
    In the pourin’
    Is out, who has a pour today?
    Who’s deck in Palin Springs
    Is green
    this afternoon?

    The Billinghurst will be done being a nut.
    Bring a me a visit to my g-blogger.

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