Time To Tell Mom

with Concord, Martinez, and Pleasant Hill comprises Central Contra Costa County. The cities of Antioch, Pittsburg, Brentwood, Oakley and the unincorporated areas surrounding them comprise East Contra Costa County. The Tri-Valley consists of the Amador, the Livermore, and the San Ramon Valleys. Dublin and Pleasanton comprise the Amador Valley, Livermore lies in the Livermore Valley,

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is there auto-atomic refresh

accent Dawn @T.J.
Assess stigmuses.
Affect Men
Our age be menthol of the noted structure. What does it say to do to me,
the noted structure?
***Senate (ant, tarry) men.
sendananttarian guard category (press the enbark as in embark, the empression as in impression)
Gefucked’ll beer Answer
Antareans Guard Castle
Derringer 74
Eye e to image forty-five. I say Luger. What is last? What is next?
Toaster test electrical
It had suffered from a damn
DDOS can you beat Pteptus…
Whyman Rhymin’?
when you should be warmup deck out them halls wit the boughs found on the holly tree with your equipment cancelling spring
run ran eclipsing, instead of cancelling
who is eye the lady with
terminal menopause?
source up is?
Suit up. Better eat Sirl.
The harum-scarum maritic-
kle Maritimes.
Read To the Molten You Earth

That’s as fixed as molten gets. I’ll check. There exists a diary.
Scramble doesn’t have
an E. S tol B.
{B} step out. I am
__told it stole B. ___ keep your eye on it this paragraph. You do not have a disease, honest!
You ought to soak up thirty syringes
of Thorazine if you
think Spring is
____cancelled now.
It is eclipsed.
Tuinal? We have to wean him off (Queen him off)? Fine.
What about applying pressure? He just
slit his own wrist!
Slettazone Wresks!
Dave Woods prepares the student.
syr massacre one ♀ sobs.
Leaping Beverly Hillbillies: Dowl5K
Steve called fear I see a
little pc of shit |it| is there
ne ot kind? Fear
grips the toad
amidships takes
off power hooks
and winches and tows
And toes
Lift off the deck.
Lou Reed takes off glasses thoughtful two-weres.
I’m not prepared students to gizel test. I’m praying to get my head. I’m not prey paired – phe inert side chains chaise direct down through the hole in the roof.
Catholic bells of perpetual irritation: Four years.
I’m around. A cartoon dog picked it up. Get me again. I wish to succumb, while snapping awake allows me front up on a bone, caught in the throat of a black hole. Dog. Now you bark. The letter isn’t going away. The FBI lets a criminal (Anaheim to Vegas) lose $100K a dozen times over two years. I never make a penny’s worth of meth. You cunts bought my flesh. In a hotel about to be spammed, when I *(criminal) check in, you do not care. This is your job–not caring. This is why you shall ever carry a scar. As long as penis the criminal web-top down this is IRS- *Tropicanafuck-crookedest.
is intact, lump sums of cash draw federals like ants.


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  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    g on … That’s our guy who did that. It’s very disturbing. A lot of the things [George W] Bush would have done, Obama has continued. How did that happen?”

    Reed said it was “beyond belief” that 29-year-old Snowden had access to the information and was able to release it. “Wow. Does that speak well for our security or what?”

    The 71-year-old singer said he took inspiration from world events and suggested the Snowden story might even provide the material for an album.

    “There are so many things in this world that are changing so quickly, everything is an inspiration,” he said. “You could have an album about [Snowden]. Missing snow.”

    Earlier, Reed criticised the quality of digital music, which he said “sounds like shit” and at the amount of money artists received for music downloads.

    He said CDs originally sounded “horrifying” compared to the “beautiful warm sound you get on vinyl”.

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