Reality Comes Swooping In Huge

I am flipping toothpaste tubes since this is ring toss South industrial decisecond

(ludicrously short memory rare up(Banana Daiquiris meet point 7/7 (U.K.) honor Seven and Seven)-Up), structured bec. it comes from me.

-Egg One



“Reality Comes Swooping In Huge””-R.C. Cola.

No You.  A fed homo.

Go wark.  Ampet U. Legendary.

WAY BACK BY STARLIGHT   not kiddin’.

fw jungl calls pssi


*** mourning cloak

I go what dues?

Behind the eight-ball


*** Molecule Back.

How much money is that?

In play…

Monopoly to a 2 shouldn’t.

Jumanj be the best centered (frame)

game, 8 surround

_____ wet ink flUID

make it 4 w/ padded end/start.

what arises but the

mourning cloak

Dandelion smoke

FHZ   fnf

must see air

(several forms of this, meaning obscured.  Chick flew us) squib -fluous.

Fluid inks now wetting … ψῖ /ˈpsiː/) stable wrt non-renewables )(i.e. Jesus-grading psycho) ǝ

Don’t worry, I’ve got you if you fall.

Do touch.

I break my promise.

What? { Metha fed homo awright I-128, 128I ǝ.}

Thing backs away.




bird boong beeng baong bong.


wind up section § character.  Certainly s-character large and here-come-old flattop Shirley.

Cross my path.

Might it show.

Why take a chance?

meaning more information.

No notes.  Two leave.  Game


3 Responses to “Reality Comes Swooping In Huge”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    Was unable to track down a photo of GTMO atty Andy Hart who apparently took his own life. Guard tower not my choice.

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    1 9 6 0

  3. sbillinghurst Says:

    I wish I owned the vein on top of my arm-can’t always get what…

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