Democracy Now! Speak English!

Post #803. 22 something (after).
new old

001  GIN!

Barrett Brown would talk.  What happened to him, Schroeders?  Uhhh — your FBI!  My eyes yellow.  You suck cock, together with the following: The FBI is a bunch of cock suckers, one-for-one a fact of some growing renown.  Pi, (wah-wah pedal), turn seven-two-zeroes and fluoresce.  Seven five.  Have four.  Break this up in a tiled remiss earthquake to their—hold!  Front door.

[Amy? Savvy]


They are responsible.

W. Shelly, doing business HAS

Scorned Noatua.  Go tean!

Gold, town, then rocks.



Colt_Navy_1911_Aug1913_004 goya-viejos Here-neither-1812-15-Etching-and-aquatint-158-x-208-mm-1 imagesCA04BBTC imagesCA8WZ094 imagesCAY2SRFY John Tulloch gives his reaction to Lord Leveson's statement journal_logo Lost-Dutchman-515341 LUANA1 magnetico3 man%20and%20woman%20fighting mqdefault Oakland_california_1900 Peak-of-La-Silla-Mountain-in-Monterrey-Mexico-509x382 petti140 prominentathleteswhotookdrugs_marion_jones proxy SiblingsInterview smedinghoff pink








Memory in a new direction.  If I’m going to remember last, like the C.A.H.

C.I.A.  Stand mate

I am going to mike with you

into a jig blast jig unlock

you you channel flatly

recharging that epic time.


Thus, things from

___ now have to win

and so comes later with

now in it artificially

added.  I look around me.

It is flare.  Nobody has

these, these images.

This or this will crash

one out of the next

ten vaginal or manginal

root-spawn: seems to be magic.


This (wiser) is

happening now


if you make me say sorry (x),

that is, poker face

if you Somali hear EX

word come from me,

an churry daker a lee

from me goodbye.


In preparation


Get out out screw of

the way get

out of the way get

out of the way  .  Move!


My opponent-try

You straight stethoscope.  Get under this huge hammer.

A,G,A,Y.  I tried to hand me, so I was ____ .

cleavage at a discount

In my half of this face, I pour in gob Klaas pestle/crotch Chel-ly!

Trish the fuck behind me (years) — Bathsheba.

No one wins at C.I.A. propriety.

Whom is owing G.I. #1 the eagle?

Me.  You, too.  I had being an Indian.

4 Responses to “Democracy Now! Speak English!”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    nobody wins, but you are
    pastoral in super jimmies
    Not off-course, nark.
    gyro, pig.

    conformity to established standards of good or proper behavior or manners. 2. appropriateness to the purpose or circumstances; suitability. 3. rightness or …

    final pocos
    procol harum

    If this was you, you are going to investigate
    while I go
    Goes-I had _I _ O _ T A

    I can’t tune in (v. Februaries)
    -arius, top figure
    B, con
    figure’s (#).

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    Sweaty White Lits at Z:
    It is 8:22, I say 22’s.
    My post is #803. It
    posts at 8:02.
    I comment.
    The comment posts
    at 8:22.
    I get Lumberjack.
    “Here at CIA-Langley, we (fruits) put on womens’ clothing (JAGs), and hang around in bars”

    Who frowned? Walk.

  3. sbillinghurst Says:

    What is the red balloon for?
    What is the white napkin for?
    Blue dies.
    Blew these here.
    From somewhere else (“9″9″”)
    I can arrange for it to be somewhere else.
    Have a blast.
    Line 8 out.

  4. sbillinghurst Says:

    My hill of peas sucks inventory
    Image an ill peasant peeved at the Tories
    You a fact zittorium, Littoral Zit Face! No way!

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