Hit Juice to Death

What decade is the hit single What is your Name by Snoop Dogg from? Your Answer: … What did Snoop Dogg say about the death of Nate Dogg? he said that i …

I may.

I maim-not.  I’m here, two-sec and alert. -iment*

[prefixes are disintegrating off the front]

[3 dogs] last

3 little dogs, an unbelievable

could not

couldn’t believe it.  Remember when

on sew year’s eve you soda dog up

it ate and swole up

did you worm?


copy: too little too late

copy2: for me.

type corrupt: some

type end: sorry


___3 per.  [Enya, actual. Greater than Abba]

E __ N __  Y  __  E  __  N  __

A T. Rex turns a

Billion run – run

Comes crashing down

___on  the chin.

On jaw point!  other side!

Chin jaw!

splinters at the death.

femur fragments go


into us.  It

*  *  *

just never wanted to be anything else.

Copper theif

Rubbers thief.  Stickin’.

_with what I got.

I just can’t take the case.

Little girl.

*  *  *



black gloss, new. bicycle.

spandex tights

__stocking mask




Starburst because

They are wrapped.


4 AM



______________ _ _


Dehesa onto Poe.

imagesCAYJYIPK inks of patchwork color




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