Fine Due Raptor Poid

6vzn792.  I was getting down #’s throat.

458 out of nine these last three

a beautiful admin pivilege

search it clear load

792, you are my post, three-four back, “Attire”

could the elben frot

this is nothing but the donut (keep the coffee), a toroid

meaning one (up or down ) is golden

while (keep the chair) is much too long

spaghetti and tooth past long

not a piltypoid to a flipper

of manhole covers

per day

So I aise, to a figure’s nine places

and episode

histogrammatic lexical attack

slug foot’s per fortnight madonna

Ooh, then dauce out the Nu Material Girl

I was thinking backward

To a thing thinking backward

Which it had

A soda zone by then.

2 Responses to “Fine Due Raptor Poid”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    Girty was present during the torture and execution of Continental Army Colonel William Crawford by Native American leader Captain Pipe.

    Abjured of what Captain Pike’s service was before his promotion to God, we need not put white and Native American “villains” apart on trivia. In fact, mutatis mutandi, I live in a punk land which placed a bet on the zeroes own evaluation of human life. It equals death.
    death = chocolate (America).

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    Give me a helnet
    …………fi ng er net s
    fingernail s
    You up to homicide?
    Tin/Lead. Freon 11.
    He sold hers: black flesh

    “…killed ten times as many Indians! Many incidents have never nor will ever be told, because it remains a fact that many persons who have opinions and hold to certain truths, are unable to set their thoughts to writing and thus spread upon the pages of history the truths of their times.”

    When is all going to get it? How do you track a single book around seventeen libraries? Once you cry Eureka!-right? Do you replave the book with two, like Johnny Appleseed? Or, do you remove the book from history entirely, like Abbie Hoffman?

    Oh, I didn’t see that. The author is a prisoner of narration. PRIMA: Okay, bitches.
    BITCHES: Well, ja, Col. Klink.
    [It is a 1846 depiction of a guy from 1741 named Girty, in the University of Virginia, where Poe doth reside]

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