ladybug larva

ladybug larva

Keyboard Glossary

§ section

§§ sections

p page

pp pages

Burn then.  Half-o-period.  Sike damages = 37&.

critical media stored on desktop

there is no railroad



let's give

it (to them), Sam the Sham.

it (to them), Sam the Sham.


+ 33%


a whopping 70%, three-four tops and bottoms of bands in that, as it is.


L  O  N

E  I  N

A  N  Y

B  U  T


House wrong, not city wrong



Locating the criminal known as The Jester is material to the Barrett Brown case.

section 2 10:01 §2

You flinchek.  Press the degeneracy multiplier for Babbage : good.  That’ll keep you going for the show.


transition.transferals.witch-pack.with.the devil.contract.Little biographical liar would dialog bilious, doctor poop.prov’t: It is prood, has been to you.  Ye olde green ashen smoker now gray ashen ashy dump 9:30 AM


never appear for words


see also which way to look for cross


I glare out at you.

etchies pic prying nigger.  I always cross the line for chimply wrinkly hands.  I’m a poet shark and I’m sixteen!

§, cene d

§,  Scene c.

Give us some. (letter tryit)

How to give a bursar a snag lesson

  • Is this, “ABC”
  • or, “AB”? siren, almost angry, terrible the way the cop slammed his door.  Uh, we are showing you … heartbeat beating too funny … funnier … thready … we are not showing you …

Is it either one?  I put it to you, not “signals and their volumes in regimes of noise”?, but now it comes out a little bit later hypothesis.

That a cause or an side effect loses its identity as such upon messing up the timing, and as just a sign  diminishes at will if you are not some kind of burrito-wrapping dart function.  Reversal math wik

using 8 for section now

8. to reverse a non-injective (and therefore information-losing) function, one can at least

is it signals and their volumes in regimes of noise, or mount-ups for …

We  don’t drop free signals pleasantly.  Get the throat.

_______ Pity

1,500 US arms taken off, rings and all.

In the lesson (what cripples you is the Okahchoakee), ONE  is going to sub. zero is on … next to me … the fewer fingertips one burns, the less it hurt, less being- it being-, war’s time bump –

7:57 or 7:56

At the time the burning inflicted a reflex drawing away of the fingers.

sykllables …

syllables, start it off.

“Oh, you be c.f. – ing”, writer gaff porking at Porky’s.

oh, you c.f.-ing.  Better, why not try and that I owe you c.f. – ing.  compare a ladybug man before four-fifths + sipper fits a record zone.


1. To ask Jee’s Marcel mRousseau with slime andecker crew zapzap zigzag bowel goulet

2. movin to montana soon gonna be a dental floss tycoon

3. they a vociferously those barking people ooh I was a lot like me

4. there are ways to put homosexuals into many pieces without credit of the psychiatric picture

5. I don’t wanna know your name cause you don’t look the same the wa-

5′. fox on the run you screeamed and everybody comes a-runnin’take a-


6.  The victims of May are contaminantz bec I don’t want reddo I may as well blow a guy.

6. “?: upshift idea, losing the Chickasaw thread.

7. the lurid wind blew Richard Noxins a notion of qué.


We are reshooting the edge go the northbuckle working south.  We already retype it again plus already.  And, all’s well in a gays work.that is I am never fair. Anaptitude’s one.Nut or balls is fine (00).

see also Hawking
1 see ppl find out they permanently forgot to get toilet paper, today.
ink, inject scar, re-scan, cf, imprin-pression in media

A little sweeter dregs
A little more annoying
Redder Zazu rips her suit
Zasu I am Axl
It is as Zusu say yax Accel.
-The Hinder Bruise

I don’t know think.


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