I See. Fuck Echoes. I Owe Money to People Who are Going to Kill Me




prison-overcrowding but at MCSP

a1Bad Seed Ad

javert the predator on feb 22
















koko head base camp





img_2446a/k/a Tommy Chong & The Trials of Lenny Bruce, a movie and a book. You will be launching seventeen shopping viruses if you try to watch the movie online.

Time for the Oracle of Dephi:

… fifty-two years into the future of this sea level a foot higher. You mean them in New York 2064’s 2014 forecast campaign …

No, I mean pain in the usual sense of paying someone back who hurts me.

bukowski by this age was a wealthy philosopher like dog or chong

So, the Russian meteor was last month, on 2-15-13? It’s not today. It’s 6:22, past sunrise. We are keeping all odd hours in this house …

The whole thing sounds dumb, but it’s not. It’s about how easily an individual goes from not owing any money to suddenly owing, typically more than can be paid. Under threat, I am forced to exhaust resources I need to survive.

It is funny, though, when individuals have money for a vacation and someone kills their toddler. The vakay with babysitting is already all messed up, mm-kay? Take your child to the Tiki Aztec ruins with you.

I saw the mayor this month. I do not like junk cars parked on city streets. I don’t want just one removed. I prefer the sweep method. We are blocked from specifically cleaning up the ghetto, because it’s our Southern neighbors’political action caucus. So, we do the beaches first, then the mayor’s whole jurisdiction. Si si puedé.

Something is all nonsense. We are not going to wipe out the Catholics, or the Indians, or the Chinese. We have already killed all the Iraqis and Afghanis, see? So, it appears to be whether we kill the Iranians. “We” doesn’t even compute Isreal. It’s not a billion deaths, like India and Pakistan could do with a limited nuclear war, by trading.
I don’t have anything. If somebody hits me with e-accented words, I’m sure I can welcome back with accent-grave stuff. Miss Vicky who watches kids for parent pick-up said something strange when my kid was sent 5 miles away on the bus by mistake. She said something like at least I have a kid. I thought she was threatening my son’s life until later. That was because it was Sandy Hook day. The message spread throughout the nation. The nation echoed back: don’t bury twenty kids here. Policy.

explain – for everyone not to have to have his own internet connection

software, free connectivity – DemocracyNow!

center for media and democracy – Lisa
– Peterson pyramid – to underfund every pension
oh, that sounds bracing, like fresh air. frshaire!
@imara jones (androgynous, hermaphrodite (Amy calls it a him))
worked in the Clinton admin. on trade policy
laundry list of who suffers from sequestration … vaccine programs …
Richard Trumka
trumpeting endorsements from the labor movement
despite grievances
GE CEO, former
Jeff Inmelt (“A Jeffrey. Sounds like the bloke down the block, innit?” -Russell Brand)
chairman of Obama’s job council
The opinion of labor leaders …
luxury of standing on the sidelines. A real world. Choice of two candidates.
a damn theocracy
A brutal thuggocracy is much preferred.
@Mike Elk, labor journalist
…although these crimes are finished, these dudes are current …
carry on, snobs
Toil, see, basically, Montrie was standing in front of me like David Coy, reeking from his Ray-Bans to his Hawaiian shirt. …cut into ’em with a razor. Bargain slice …
comes robot dungeon, solitary confinement

Unsound Recollection
PRIMA: Do you have a heater?
SECUNDA: Yes, but it wasn’t easy.
PRIMA: Nothin’ever is.
SECUNDA: But she got some practice.

I am trying to become sanitary by claiming I don’t want to take drugs, and, it is true that I have no infection or infestation which requires any. I am clean since I do not use.

I am one of the booted goonies of Aspen Drive. If you don’t want your kids run over, keep ’em in the house after eleven PM.

5 Responses to “I See. Fuck Echoes. I Owe Money to People Who are Going to Kill Me”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    BB@Malcolm X.

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    If my head got blown off just here, who am I this time but multiple
    Lou Gherigses.

  3. sbillinghurst Says:

    One post to come v. sane, #776. I’m not trying to entice you. It’s now between GG, femnorla femoral arteries

  4. sbillinghurst Says:

    20 Gks in Gc

  5. sbillinghurst Says:

    log out in structure

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