Of Your Dominant Life Forms Whose Number Two Is Cancer

What about half?  Half could be the requirement to learn to “Jesus”.  My thinking doesn’t supercede any letter, I use J. I also believe J.

We are using I these days to trap unwary folk.  “I”, in affinity, “J”, in cosanguinity, where J is the wildest wild card, and stands for another letter.  And W wants it; he gets it.

Don’t I believe anything with punctuation?  Why no, not being able to see in the snow, I do not.  Jettison that.  Try to get a “me” out ahead o’ “you”.  Time-traveling robots that are really space ships, that are really time machines, wish for you to blake letters out against centripetal force.

Yeah, well, your my-fellows are England’s climate experts.  They narrowly avoided exceeding expectation.  Why add red-faced to a wild-haired heretic?

The title means to learn half, and I guess be told half.  Any piece of Jesus is a hard road.

To Those Who Have Not Ever Been Arrested

My own personality is to speak up on your disrespectful and murderous dismissal of our human needs.  I’m a psycho.  Getting hit with a psycho is analogous to a surfer putting his skeg up the back of your scalp, in the water, hopefully shark-infested.

U don’t work, you better bet workers wash their fucking hands.

Christ!  Half by experience, half by … RNA.  See that word methamphetamine at the top?  Fine.  I am proud of you.  RNA is in the same system.  Know it by Friday (it is moving, not static).

“BOAC.  On the way the paper bag was on my knee.  Man, I had a dreadful flight.”

“Back in the U.S.S.R.”

Paul Mc Cartney (voice)

The people who haven’t been arrested are not speaking A for B, explicitly.  They are speaking the letter R and having it be everybody’s “R”.

And, for England, tour our R, take eyes into R, to occur, this.  That.  The other.  J, get out there and earn your pay.


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