Anons Move into Recreational Vehicle Likely to Be Hit with a Drone Strike

I got my eye on your girl friend, a studio loft bounty goes with it on Craig’s Kill List.


My speed is low; don’t want to meet, the low-ride-der.

Biological Classification Extending to Cancer Patients

Does it have a backbone is the first question, does it have teeth the second.

In them we see whether you are still “you”.  You aren’t sixty so you don’t learn what *a* nature reveals to the lovers of Sparta, (or Lego users), which is me being mysterious.  I flipped it.  How could being sixty open a natural door?

Flipping to answer, I say, out of your mouth (since I recoiled at your nacho breath), obviously it didn’t, unless my inner voice spasmed it out, and that’s just sick.  But once I tell you farts, you’ll be playing woodwinds.

l  l 

That, /b, has a glitch in it.  Those ells are supposed to be red.

a  l  l  m  m  e  w

i  s  s  l  o  n

e  d  a  g  a  r

s  p  o  e  y  o

t  h  o  u  s  t

That says Edgar Poe.  As I went to write the system’s sustained note, a side note popped in saying, “MISSED A SPOT”.  I needed letters [to insert] so I kept it, and it did not have to wait for me.  I let it go first.

The rest was already, “HOW LONG ARE YOU STILL YOU”, which I ford, having no caring bridge, with our sixty-man, Superman Christopher Reeve, who’s book helped me.

How long are you still me?


Not time for a soda.  Not time for us, owe that situation to the fantastic neutering banks of the aisles upon aisles of human-growing biological reactors.  I am a high-dose IL-2 consumer.

Regular scheme: I thought I’d let that slip.  The first question is if it’s green; if not, go to two.  Second is does their skin come off; if not go to three.  Every question has only two answers, but stupidly, the internet is pole-axed, leaving something for Darwinian PhDs to hoard.  I’m not aging ninety, my speed is low.  Your biologists better get some mathematicians.

I am not buying the normal butyl solvent shell on weakly concentric solvent shell zones.  I’ll get Sharpless after you.  Wait.  Barry K. lost his fucking eye!  And he’s named Sharpless, and was blinded by flying glass.  I’m buying that, and they made him a Nobelist.

Spread n and i by dimers, trimers, until contacting 141 molecular weight, warp us there, semi-synthetic biased.  I deserve new meth recipes in 2014.  I went from Twitter to a blog and inquired with @ JessTheChemist, a PhD.  And I can tell she would meet us there.  And see, in Arkansas we are the Razorbacks out here.

Owning our dump, explain fracking to the water slurpers.

Jean-Claude Killy

[Spider Sabich Function}, well, the gulls wheel over the dead fish or whatever, you’re jus—Rennapaho, Indian Maiden. Indian made it.

I get a seconded deal where-where-we ask if it’s a girl or not.  Scientific is what it is entailed in a dock of fourteen years, commencing down the egg.  Gender is the mathematical word for that, masking a word genderists, we hit with chem-

ists: Meaning, people with a real skin.  No longer situational, the chemists take the skin off everything, you (insert number) are probably thinking (on one side).

You two I freed us.

missed a spot how long are you still me

People, i-e-s doesn’t mean…it is not the true Harvard displacement.  L, I, E, S, plus “Steve”, that’s when all the RNA is either dead, or DNA.


“Mileiu corp”, I sdcribbled

Milieu I Scribble

So stupid not to ESP “King Ink”.

The guy’s a fag!  I don’t even talk backwards.  I write left-handed!  With a broken wrist.  I ride a motorcycle with a broken wrist, …

L L  M M E W

I  S  S L  O  N          ……….          g to vf

E  D  A G A  R     >>>>>>        ldv

S  P O E  Y O

T  H O U  S  T

Ugh!  Poe was so primitive with his thees and mes and thous.  Don’t tell me of your methinks, I’m not wet over Kenny Rogers.

You wrote.

You  rot

Shalimar so avoid.

Demons, give me orang-u-tan hair at the elbows.

Demons, I’m in a wiggle forum.  You had previously on “Shaft” given me this hair for the goose pimples.

Demons, German chemists, … knock knock knock.

Get them in the 100-inch furnace by order of the Chermist.  Flog, tail the hot zone.

755 needles.

cue 757




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