Internet, Please Help Me With a News Agency (San Diego 6) Trying to Shield This Child Molester

janus_erfmGuess what I won’t not snitch about?  It’s child molesting.  Aww.  Joe Arpaio of Arizona protects pedophiles there, and he is a drug warrior like Nixon or J. Edgar.

I just sent this messenger to “San Diego Six in the Morning”, a station which acts as if it does not know why people are blowing themselves up with butane (it’s to make hash.  Imagine the fires?  Not with the burns, you won’t).

I know you would not wish to be threatened, but it is my belief that a pedophile is being protected here.  If you ignore the story I tell you, I’ll know you as friends of pedophiles for financial gain.  Do you see this internet?  News travels fast.

You are contributing to INTERNATIONAL CHILD SEX TOURISM in this dual city of TJ/SD.

Some child molesters move to border towns to enable their stalking.

When I went to the National City Police to tell any detective that their City Treasurer was a child molestor (on two separate occasions), the desk sergeant turned me away.

I met this pervert in Wal Mart, I think because I had a boy’s pair of shoes in the top of my basket.

He told me he was a botanist (pix show him taking field expeditions with selected companions), but the most absurd thing–I mean, if this happened to your child, it would be just deserts, since you are a local news outlet— was that Mitch was on his way across the border at night to visit a Tijuana orphanage by his own admission.

Please read this:

You are not going to succeed in having a homosexual city treasurer who travels to TJ orphanages.

This is Beauchamp’s page at the National City Government:

Your chickens will come home to roost, as the father of an eight year-old who was molested in this city at five, and whose attacker was named Kelly Thompson, who was thereafter convicted in Superior Court in 2011, I vow my utmost.

Contact Page for San Diego 6 The CW:

I wish my Dorner had turned his guns on you; he was right there, as shown here:

Dorner did spend time in San Diego between Feb. 4 and Feb. 6.

A surveillance video taken behind an auto parts store in National City on Feb. 4 shows Dorner tossing bullets, a uniform and other items that linked him to the Irvine double-homicide into a dumpster.—COPY-Dorner-Tried-to-Hitch-Boat-Ride-to-Mexico–191648751.html

And, from Wikipedia, this about Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, a noted drug warrior:

Failure to investigate sex crimes

During a three-year period ending in 2007, more than 400 sex-crimes reported to Arpaio’s office were inadequately investigated, or not investigated at all. While providing police services for El Mirage, Arizona, the MCSO under Arpaio failed to follow-through on at least 32 reported child molestations, even though the suspects were known in all but six cases. Many of the victims were children of illegal immigrants.[69][73]

An Internal Affairs investigation has been underway for four years, since 2008. The Sheriff’s Office refuses to release any of its findings.

A 13-year-old rape victim ignored

And, an input on the same subject today from Glenn Greenwald, who is i. A lawyer, ii. A supporter of Julian Assange, iii.  The most bankable blogger in the world, whose presence now at The Guardian stole the limelight from Salon, iv. Lives in Brazil since the US has less ability to silence him with extralegal pressure as they have the Julian.  He says (emphasis added):

All the usual and substantial caveats apply when discussing the generalized attributes of MSNBC or comparing it to Fox News (just today, my former Salon colleague Joan Walsh, an MSNBC contributor, wrote about a study that “finds ‘liberals’ [are] more likely to favor targeted killings once they know it’s Obama’s policy”, and on the weekends, Chris Hayes regularly criticizes Obama from the left while, post-election, Rachel Maddow sometimes does the same). Still, there’s still something disturbing, even dangerous, about media outlets, even those overtly ideological ones, that are generally designed for the mission of defending those in power: a critique that Media Matters once compellingly voiced about Fox News, in part by quoting me expressing that same concern about Fox.

MSNBC is far from aberrational.

6 Responses to “Internet, Please Help Me With a News Agency (San Diego 6) Trying to Shield This Child Molester”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    I called Arpaio a noted drug warrior is all, on 2/20 at 8:53 am. It was 6:32 (now 6:35), a minute ago. Someone, Ignacio Carbajal (This is not your car, not your badge, et al. This is your pink underwear), on 2/27. he has been arrested.

    The federals of zUnitedstates use force to direct fire in a desired direction. They have been pop-pop-you-win as active shooters thirteen years.
    One clue to their strategy is the past, how they threw the firefight over the soon-to-come Civil War into the territories of Kansas and Nebraska, asserting that the newer states could go ahead and come in Saturday and vote on slavery.

    I do not know who I was in Bleeding Kansas. I’d be killing settlers as a tobacco-chewing follower of John Brown, abolitionist, if I had sense. Imagine the stupidity of someone you are about to kill. They’d be steeped in the propaganda of the South, that claimed States Rights.

    Our liberty, and the liberty of the denizens of New York City, we must appreciate the difference between rtich and poor there. In that time, if I were sixty, facing turning an ice cream freezer, then breeding a flower called pinkster, visiting the neighborhood of the Astors …
    Asterisk, dude …

    Poverty threatened old people’s tired bones, and they knuckled down, becoming hardened.

    Gee, why was the name “Bleeding Kansas” appropriate? We are in danger of being bleeding California.

    Yeah, I wasn’t in Arizona. I will be there in ten or twelve hours, though.

    See, there’s a post, “:Forced to Watch”, that shows I have ESP. I guess if I believe that, the government could not have done anything, or failed to do anything it should have.

    But, I typed out ARPAIO, and it is a week later they arrest somebody:

    Pink underwear plus you in that stinking blue suit.

  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    I must climb up there, so, since the perp won’t be doing that, no need to entertain him by complaining way up high.

    I am the Unmistaken Child, you all must correct your mistakes, before they become crimes.

    The liver of a Kansas beetle-sod-buster-brown dies of natural causes, gravity draining blood out of ém.
    A coupla guys in Miami died of natural causes. The blood ran out of them.
    I like Dom Deluise, huge fan. Corbet Monica, he’s eerie in his comedy. It’s so funny I trade aggie to watch.
    Freb MacMurray, though. I wondered what he was gonna do when another kid claimed to Chip that his Dad was a pencil-pusher. I think my Dad is a pencil-pusher.

    Well, the draftsmen of the world produce tremendous seafaring graphs and earn a good paycheck. You don’t even know. I bet you are so slow drawing lines
    can GPS get better elevation with a statue of Erterpe attached to the waterline of every vessel above a certain size?

    Is that theory?

    By the way, are all the world’s vessels tracked every moment? Can this be a secret starring such that narcotics smuggling continues unaffected by all this tracking?

  3. sbillinghurst Says:

    I sat there and looked at that comment. Can’t figure it out. On to something else: How my Scince News magazines (5), got lost in a satchel-shaped bag stuffed behind the TV, from the library. I wasted all winter. Adding some other effects, my lips curl back in a feral snarl, my poisonous breath’s visible.

    The arctic limes jibe, frontwards eyebrow curls in the sunlight. the tongue has left glistening patches. If I had a moustasche, no sweat. This is saliva.

    LOL. As if a Komodo Dragon’s bacteria in his saliva, which spurts arterial salizvation, is anything like a cone shell’s venom, let alone a poison arrow frog. He’s doing that to swallow hooves.

  4. sbillinghurst Says:

    So you wittingly agree to be bitten by a cone shell?


    Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at 8:53:23 AM
    To, but not including,
    W.F.27.2013. AT 7:54:34 AM

    The duration is six days, 23 hours, 1 minute, and eleven seconds. It could not be no seconds. I get to say seconds.

    The times I realize things may have a more fundamental magic.

    I punched up a couple of triples. They’re prime triples, but since they happen a few minutes apart, their total displacement is gently rising, but roughly a constant.

    The slab shapes differ an order on the dimensions. Even though prime, they are approximately five or ten by a hundred or fifty by a thousand give or take.

    I have been wanting to use a step function with a little undefined or asymptotic discontinuity

    Those volumes are the element for a calculus determination of a whole curve, time.

    The format used is the same as the famous Doomsday Clock, where these are worse than end days, and are filibustered into eleventh-hour crackpot shit.

  5. sbillinghurst Says:

    That was a momentary lapse of memory. It is the science newses containing so many foreign scientists who are a permutation of my name, “Stefan Bengtston” or something hovering over every page like a bug.

    And, the informative article was claiming certain members of groups are linked in, to many more networks, as if a spease pill network could bring down a meth network just by linking into it.

    Hell, don’t any multi-network plagues involve the good works of your Lord God?

  6. sbillinghurst Says:

    1. Saying not now equals saying existence every other time but now, hoping it string theories done.

    Nstnt karma’s gonna get you…

    2.Not knowing it’s nothing, pray that it is nothing.

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