The Poe Ring Rain

First one tryin'to get these French lab smocks.

First one tryin’to get these French lab smocks.

A similar graph shows pseudomonas', (unitalicized), we need METH in the middle and PAA linked to it.  I hate the way Starburst makes my jaw click heavy.

A similar graph shows pseudomonas’, (unitalicized), we need METH in the middle and PAA linked to it. I hate the way Starburst makes my jaw click heavy.

Jupiter brightest by far bet. Pleides and Aldebaron, creeping west until March.

Jupiter brightest by far bet. Pleides and Aldebaron, creeping west until March.

The whole deal is the mess I made.  Barrett Brown's facing 45 years.

The whole deal is the mess I made. Barrett Brown’s facing 45 years.

I had started by 9:17, but the WordPress company has changed my familiar buttons.  The weather history for San Diego should track what started this.

It’s a post that’s rich with the word su-su-sudio, but it’s about the events of the clock, and if anybody gets hurt, let’s hope they are innocent, which is how to collect insurance.  This post is thus not descriptive.  It’s a barn-burner, not happening now, predicted, waiting on the rain, which is proved to be here.  Our temp today is 55.  It’s bright sunshine at 9:30.  This is 500 yards from the ocean.  The breeze comes in with salt, etc. 

Everybody here is outta sight.  They don’t bark and they don’t bite.

—“Dancin’in the Moonlight”, 1972 single by King Harvest, and one aspect emerges, that of the foley moley.  I’ll get all the way through with no script, and by script, I mean a script for Bogie.  Here, Van Morrison makes it cool in the first place with his singing on “Moondance”, spread ém you pirate bootleg dood.

Poe is an investigator, crows remind us of the Poe legend.  You are not reading for nothing, so let’s get right in to a list of people carrying on the Poe legacy.  Reading any one of these people is better than this.  I put it in these by magnetome.  I was thinking of Runyon.  Brautigan doesn’t necessarily lead us to Robbins, I have to admit I like Kinky Freidman, I enjyoed Semi-Tough (North Dallas Forty), okay, but Vonnegut should never escape and almost always does.  Dickie Reinman…Hmm.  Funny (I don’t mean funny.  I have to accomplice for this.  My “voices”committing me aren’t that simple.  Whatever farted), there is a whole world, not just one thing like temperature.  These are the voices famous for telling the sufferers of mental diseases to kill and not get distracted.  I am to believe that lying across the river Styx with no reality, that everything about them disappears?  No, we just want every unreal thing to be jelly for last piece.  Oh, there’s donuts but not jelly donuts.  There’s voices but you are hearing voices, Judge Judy.

JUDGE JUDY: I’m speaking!

Text 41.  There’s no wordcount.  Tom Wolfe has to go in there, and it is a limerick.  Well, I exchanged letters with him  in 1970 because I already thought he was good, but not that he rides across the prarie (Twain).  He writes about drugs.  The Beatles sang about ém.  He who wrote on ém I do not even need my —your— Cavalcade of Stars.  He’s ingrained as the H, the S, and the T.  Einstien is as above is to below on all of ém, starlight AE, poetry.

I’m not continuing.  This is Buttfest ’82 type.  I am stopping to attempt media, Honolulu.  If I get those, I might come back with notes whose verbatim is a concordant seam in the parade.

I clicked a button and WordPress stole about five minutes.  I burned up my morning on it.  I’m just reading @jayleiderman and @glenngreenwald on Twitter.  You are dreaming. 

Keep tight a rut (as you drive a pick-up). See also Willy Nelson, “One Hell of a Ride”. I see the spirits used their…well, the pied card has the ace side, you therefore played the ace as if this is by me. I went ahead and posted to see if WordPress now truncated or eliminated features. I guess a computer is still heavy, as a paperweight must be. WP is actually working better than be+ore. I’m sure my readers don’t need to lose the topology, the category, the billions, the Herzsprung-Russell to get the gist and the trillions.

As Mai, Sade and Astors, what fresh hell is this? —Parker. The angst, Bip.

Under attack we disposed of all other parts of speech except the odius words — CHARGES — against child molesters and ALLEGED. For stealing, STOLE, “Somebody stole—“, is the “S” word. The “F” is summarily banned (in the house?).

Well, Carmen Hydra with her five roommates is the situation here.

…Hold on, Miss. Incredible as it may sound, a comic book gives a good view, to (an) excellent, for purely euclidean perspectives. Don’t forget Buk. Owski. Don’t forget to breathe. Tell ’em it’s going to be a heck of an excellent Friday. I’m pretty sure a cop killer, whose very manifesto has caused the police to fire on two separate vehicles, is currently around the area (twirls finger over hyead). We’re prepared to observe the most physically cowardly police behavior I’ve ever seen. They need to learn not to be so scared.

a comic book…
Perspectives, how to cut ’em when you go at ’em, see to it once you call it, any problem.
Now you ask ’em and they say, Monday morning, Monique.

—“Easy Like Sunday Mornin” —Lionelk Ritchie to Barny’s ears (lyrics shed).
—It’s in the technique.

Our cat dies and I continue to see the cat in Elizabeth’s apartment when I open the door. I toss a coin at the wall and it disappears. She just moves in. It shouldn’t be haunted. It’s an oridnary coin, might be a case of an extraordinary wall. They got believer’s walls. Now so do we. Now soda me. I refuse to ruin my picture orientation with the latest sodium data plus a picture of a similar cat. Tiger looked ordinary.


4 Responses to “The Poe Ring Rain”

  1. Adam František Kollár Says:

    Great blog. Thank you for sharing it with world. You have a wonderful mind. I hope you are not Wikipedia administrator. I have problem with one named Billinghurst, so I stumbled upon your blog coincidentally. You are doing great work. Keep it up.

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      I apologize for the insensitivity of some Billinghursts. I know you liked my cat story, but there’s one equally good about my brother Kevin, who is not a native speaker of Strine. I haven’t seen him for years, and told him I never wanted to again. It’s good to know he wasn’t the Wiki one who is a chowderhead with his little observations like some guy from 1703 doesn’t have a blog. Him I could destroy, especially with a 70% deniability on havin’you and Slovakia pullin” a justice coup, may I recommend you crack user:B with a cyber crime exploit to his least unsuspecting flank?

  2. Adam František Kollár Says:

    Do it please. Your stories about cats are so wise. I am very grateful to you.

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      Does the Grateful Dead and has a statute of limitations? I’m a San Francisco boy, and I killed ’em. Imagine thinking to yourself that a fourteen-year old girl means you are fourteen inside, too, so to fuck her, what you want to do …

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